Leonidas rabbit. Hopping on the doctor's office floor, waiting for his exam. Is animal fur hair? Yes. And Leonidas has a lot of different hair!

Is animal fur hair? The answer gets hairy.

Is animal fur hair? The answer gets hairy.

Chemically, there is no difference between animal fur and human hair. Hair is a protein outgrowth found on mammals. Polymers of amino acids chain to create a hair follicle that extends out past the skin. Fur is hair.

Words are where things get hairy. Cats missing their fur are called naked or hairless. Growth patterns on mammals create the density we know as fur, lengths, and texture vary. Humans grow their hair independently and ours never stops growing. Animal hair has a structural difference. The core of their follicles provides thermal regulation and moisture resistance. Theirs also grows in different textures for different purposes depending on the mammal.

Hair gets hairy, but it is all hair if we're talking about mammals.

I brush my bunny with a human's brush. Leonidas, being a lionhead rabbit, has different lengths and courses of hair. His butt hair is not his head hair, and his ear hair is not his thumper feet hair. He's a challenge. He's also an automated matting machine. His hair has a mind of its own. Particularly behind and between his ears. Closest to his skin, he's got soft dense bunny stuffing fur.

Lionheads matt easily.

  • Matting causes pain. 
  • Hair mats capture and hold old food
  • Mats cause skin problems.

I brush Leonidas twice a day, every day. Which yields exam notes like: LEO LOOKS FANTASTIC KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING! (Our vet uses caps and 40-point font on her reports because she knows I have the attention span of a gnat)

Dr. found one small matt behind rabbit's ears. "Let me show you something." She grabbed a flee like comb from a drawer. "I've had this comb for a million years now. So, no, you can't have it." She knows I'll ask for things without shame. She combed extra butt fur from Leonidas, then removed the mat with one fell swoop. Leo waited patiently. He's a senior rabbit. Old enough to know he can wait out any human idea. And so, he did.

She grabbed her phone and googled her comb idea. She held up her screen to show me. "Here. There's a good one. You should get this one."

And so, I did.

This comb is what every lionhead rabbit needs for their hair salon. Consult your bunny. My bunny is picky.

Is animal fur hair? Yes, chemically. But there are some differences. Here Leonidas rabbit is allowing his Veterinarian Nurse to touch him while listening to his heart. Make no mistake your rabbit allows the things you think you are getting away with.

Leonidas waiting for his Vet Nurse to listen to his heart. A healthy rabbit has a healthy caring Doctor's Office

And remember, rabbits cannot take baths. They need their hair dry, so it works to regulate their body temperature. It's how their hair is built. Brush and comb regularly, and your bun will take care of the rest. It's how they're built.

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