Scarlet and blue and bold macaws playing.

Living Well with Parrots

Living Well with Parrots

There is no personal space for you, if you live with parrots. You'll be a chair, a lap, a shoulder, a human tree, a taxi. Your lifestyle and life's work changes when you bring a parrot home. They will find all kinds of uses of you.

I type with my right hand only. On my left sits Butters, proudly perched on my upturned wrist. My elbow is bent at 90 degrees, so she is at just the right height to look out the window in front of her. The blood supply is slowing at my elbow and ending at my wrist, due to 2 pounds of bird with a ninja grip.

I am an author. I write on. Hunt and pecking with my dominate hand. I am not talented at this way of typing.

A small throbbing pulse in the bend of my elbow tells me I may want to change the position of my arm. Said attempt allows Butters to apply more ninja grip.

I write on. Slowly.

Butters bonks my wrist admonishing it to stop it. It being the heavy pulse of blood fighting to reach my hand and fingers.

I write on. Poorly.

Snickers lands on my right shoulder and succinctly pulls the hair twisty from my pony tailed hair for his personal amusement. I don't notice due to the heavy pulsating tingle in my left hand.

I write on. Then backspace half of that.

I hear Kirby fly around the corner at the same time Snickers drops the hair twisty he really didn't want. All the while I think, yes ...yes, I do believe my hand could fall off from the lack of oxygenated blood supply. Kirby lands vertical on the back of my T Shirt, hanging like a little blue bat.

I write on. I misspell three words.

Snickers takes exception and chases Kirby off by sliding down my back via his hooked beak on my T Shirt collar which chokes my airway temporarily while forcing me to lower my arm to save my life to make sure Snickers doesn't fall to the floor. Kirby flew off long before his first move. You can't catch a Lurker so easily. Butters releases my dead arm and flies off with her signature call of insult. I'm pretty sure it's a curse word.

I write on with one hand. And a numb and tingly left arm hanging at my side. 

Felix proclaims, "It's alllllll RIGHT!" from his cage. He doesn't want any of this macaw action. Macaws are annoying.

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