Fruit rat on a wooden deck eating corn kernels.

Natural Pest Control - The Food Chain

Natural Pest Control - The Food Chain

Nature as pest control systems is already in place. One man's pest is another creature's meal. The entirety of pestilence stories can be traced to the core problem. Nature forced out of balance by humans.

Allowing nature to create the balance is inexpensive.

I'm not a killer. I prefer to allow and promote nature to do her thing. I do not look at rats or mice as evil. They have a reason to be here. They are nature's buffet for owls, hawks, snakes, and such. So, when we moved into our new home in 1999 and found a rat living comfortably under our raised deck, I shrugged that little fellow off.

"More power to you, my friend." I whispered with a tip o' the hat. "I just saw two, 4-foot-long black racer snakes. Good luck with all that."

Our local wildlife snakes did their job for quite some time. Until they didn't.

2016 and I've learned an interesting human tendency. We humans do not like riots or large groups assembling. Particularly under our raised decks. It changes beliefs and perspective on murder.

I'm still not a killer. But I am not a Holiday Inn for a small group of Rodentia representing 3 generations of hangers on!

Where are my snakes!?! Losers. Slackers. Carpetbaggers! LIARS!

Here's the flip to my flipping out.

I do not mind murdering palmetto bugs at will. Do not google that bug. No good can come from gazing upon it's hellish face. Okay. Wait. I kinda do mind murdering them because it requires that:

  1. I look at them.
  2. I touch them (the sole of my shoe counts) and,
  3. I have to look at them again to clean up the carnage left behind by my shoe.

But I do not mind killing them in massive numbers if I'm not wearing my glasses. I kid you not I will take my glasses off to murder palmettos.

All that being said, since our Holiday Inn rodent residencies got into the second and third generation, I haven't seen one damnable palmetto. So, I asked myself, are these Rodentia of 3 generations eating said beasties from the pit of Hades? Because the timeline supports a circle of life thing here.

I am today, sitting in the middle of two truths. It's time for an eviction process to begin. But alas, that will eventually welcome back Satan's Spawn into the place vacated by said current residents.

I ponder the issue while applying a 5-star reviewed organic and green product called Critter Out between the boards of the raised deck. A repellent that kills nothing, nor leaves poison for the predators that may need a fruit rat meal this evening. Listening to the squeaks and scrambling of said residencies, I also pondered the fact that Zika, carried by mosquitoes, is now in my County.

So, you see, I just found out I may have bigger fish to fry. Carried by a tiny mosquito.

The parrots are happily watching me through the window, while I'm screaming and jumping as the crickets come up from between the boards like a horde of chirping lava, while I spray.

In all my trials and tribulations, I always aim to entertain.

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