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Open Concept Living with Parrots

Open Concept Living with Parrots

Every once in a while, I break out in a Martha Stewart rash. I get all domestic and HGTV fevered. I never know exactly when that feverish need for matching pillows will hit, but I generally don't fight it. I just roll with it and follow the urge to nest. Ironically my nesting urges are much like a parrot's. If there are materials around to inspire me, I am going to go all domestic architect. And so it was with our juicing blender appliance. You can't have one of those without a blender station. And you can't have a blender station that doesn't match the kitchen. Martha said so.

One bird sat while my ever-tasteful husband went shopping and brought home the motherload of nesting materials. Chrome shelving and white rubberized wire baskets to hold stuff. We piled the materials in the kitchen and stood over his inspired design idea uttering that awesome HGTV comment, "This will really look great in this space!"

Construction of our Chrome Station of Smoothie Juicing Blender Awesomeness went, smoothly. So smoothly in just a matter of minutes we were looking at all the glistening chrome shelving against our glorious mustard and umber textured wall. (After an open concept wall removal earlier in the year, we decided to make the "space" a fabulous Tuscan Concept!) The chrome shelves begged for wood to soften all that metal shine. Kirby begged for us to leave. He wanted his nap. Felix yelled something about apple popcorn.

We decided the shelves needed wood inlays sending Cal out into his woodworking garage to pilfer oak from his wood collection and create wood inlays. Kirby lighted on my shoulder to remind me what a nuisance I was, and quickly parted ways with me through the kitchen pass-through. That pass-through lets natural light into the open space of our Tuscan Open Concept! Oh, how the chrome shown that day!

In no time at all the oak wood inlays were on the chrome shelves, and the shelves were filled with baskets and our ninja implements of juicing and blending blender appliances! We stood back in awe. Satisfied in our domestic decorating talents. Now I had a top shelf empty and begging for more decor items reflecting our most excellent tastes. I had white baskets begging to be filled with items of interest and foods for destruction in a blender. 

Which is exactly when Kirby began his own nesting upgrades.

  • Day One; I filled the second shelf with three wire baskets each containing KIND bars, bags of nuts, and sweet potatoes.

Day One and half; Kirby feasted on all the sweet potatoes making them look like termite victims. He then chewed open three of the 10 KIND bars. His final nesting move was chewing open the pistachio bag to throw pistachios all over the floor.

  • Day Two; I put the KIND bars, and re-bagged nuts in the pantry, and relocated the remaining unmolested sweet potato.

Day Two and a half; Kirby drilled holes in the remaining sweet potato.

  • Day Three; I remove any food from the display baskets, except a jar of raw mixed nuts.

Day Three and a half; Kirby hides behind the jar of raw mixed nuts to peel off the label in private.

  • Day Four; I move the jar of mixed nuts into the pantry. I didn't need the label anyway. I can see the nuts.

Day Four and a half; Kirby perches on the empty wire baskets and sings the song of his victory.

  • Day Five; I have 5 empty matching white rubberized wire baskets.

Day Five and a half; Kirby inquires, "I thought this was a Fast-Food Concept?"

Open Concept really means our concepts are open to their interpretations.

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