Scarlet macaw face with closeup of beak.

Parrot Injuries Happen

Parrot Injuries Happen

When there's a minor accident, stay calm.

Snickers broke the tip of his beak on a bright sunny morning. A small 1/8th inch piece hung from its final edge. The break was horizontal, not vertical. Which is great. That all being said. Ouchy! I spoon fed him rice and chicken with a little spoon to the side of his beak. He ate fresh orange slices. The break didn't hit the quick of his beak. It was tender, sending some nerve feedbacks, though. End of day the broken piece disappeared somewhere as he had tongued it obsessively until it did. He ate. Carefully. He drank water. Carefully.

Your parrot will mimic your attitude as your words.

  • Parrots love drama.
  • Parrots look to their flock to know when to be dramatic.
  • A dramatic excited parrot makes a difficult patient.
  • Stay calm. 
  • Create a curiosity about the injury. A calm voice. "What did you do?"
  • Triaging a panicking parrot is impossible.
  • Stay calm.
  • When in doubt, call your vet. But no matter what, stay calm.

Today Snickers gingerly travels and I realize it's going to be an uncomfortable couple days for him. I chop soft fruits into proper chunks and put them in a bowl with filter water/fresh squeezed orange juice to float in, and big chunky pellets to soak up the water/juice. I hand fed him breakfast.

Let your bird decide how to react and act.

Butters, his roommate blue and gold macaw, confiscated the soft foods bowl like a pirate. Snickers went to the window bowl with normal dry foods.

I react as any overprotective parrot person, "NO! Butters! Snickers is injured and crippled and incapable of eating anything but that from my Smothering Menu!!!"

Or not. He's eating sideways. On my head. After telling me to calm down.

Trust your parrot as they trust you.

When I had human kids, I could force them to lay on a couch with a bendy straw and 7-Up. And they stayed there. Parrots do not comply just because you told them to, anything.

If there's pain, or bleeding, CALL YOUR VET.

One item you should have in stock for your parrot life is styptic powder. A brilliant product that stops bleeding from talon clipping, and small wounds. Parrots by nature, can bleed out quickly. Styptic with pain killer is your Go To, before going to the vet immediately.

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