Parrot Proofing Your Home So That Your Home is Parrot Promoting

Parrot Proofing Your Home So That Your Home is Parrot Promoting

Parrot Proofing Your Home So That Your Home is Parrot Promoting

Parrot proofing a home is tricky business. Flying beings are tricky business. We don’t fly, so we can’t think like a flyer. If you don’t have the superpower of flight, you can’t know what it’s like to use it. Take that fantastical superpower, put it in a brain filled with densely packed neurons ready to fire, and release them in a house. Parrots terraform jungles, forests, and vast cliff formations for entertainment. And you think your door frame stands a chance? No. No, it does not. Parrot proofing your home is the unreasonable expectation of all expectations when living with parrots. Take that tack and your bird will educate you on their superpowers with extreme prejudice. You will chase a human problem, because your parrot isn’t thinking any of it is a problem.

Parrot Proofing Your Home So That Your Home is Parrot Promoting.

Understand, your parrot understands. And your parrot doesn’t care. He sincerely wants to be a flying terraforming being while enjoying your company and your property. There is no hostility or hate. Parrots gotta parrot. Unless you found a parrot at your front door with a suitcase asking to rent a room, this is on you. You brought a flying terraforming being into your home for companionship. You probably didn’t see the entire negotiation piece of the relationship coming, but parlay will be part of your lifestyle from day one. If you’re doing it right, for the right reasons. Your bird wants a flock relationship, not a caged centerpiece gig.

Parrot proofing ideas that don’t work.

  • Wing clipping. It works in a way you do not want if you want a relationship. You didn’t clip their brain. They are still flying terraforming beings in their head. They will continue to try, with or without their natural ability to fly. After a clip, a parrot spends his newfound grounded time working on how to work around his deformity. Put a six-year-old in a cast after breaking his arm. Personality motivations do not change.
  • Yelling commands at your parrot. Yelling at a parrot is not yelling at a child. Parrots love drama. Loud? You don’t know loud. They know loud. In the wild, they to call each other over vast distances with little effort. A macaw yells at 130 decibels. We have two letting us know we’ve either left the room without them, or there’s a turtle climbing out of the canal. Macaws are not fans of slimy dinner plates. Yelling does nothing but amp the room’s energy. You will never win a game of Marco Polo with a parrot. But you can use Marco Polo to turn down the volume and get some cooperation.
  • Hiding objects. Understand, your parrot understands where you stuck that thing. Now you’ve invented a game. Well played human.
  • Placing unusual things on things to keep a parrot from landing on the first thing. It’s just an unusual thing until it’s not. Then it’s a 2 for 1 offer. Challenge accepted! Human, you are hilarious!
  • Potty training you parrot. Yes, it’s doable. And can lead to problems if you aren’t willing to bring options into the training. Don’t poop here, poop there, redirection and positive reinforcement. Which isn’t easy most times, and humans aren’t very good at potty training, anyway. Diapers ring a bell? Potty train a parrot wrong, and you’ve got phobia and fears down the road. I’ve worked with a few parrots undoing the knots of fear just because they had to poop. Parrots evacuate before flight. And if not flying, but clowning around on cages and trees, every twenty minutes. The easiest potty training for you and your bird is laying towels under their favorite perching locations. They will gladly stay put, poop on your strategy, and poop on your strategy to get to the next location. Fun Parrot Fact: A companion parrot doesn’t fly around the house as often as you may imagine. Mobility is used to get to new things, exciting moments, you, and food. Parrots are lazy inside the human context.
  • Caging for time out. There is no time out in a parrot’s brain. Time out is a foreign object to a superpower wielding, terraforming can opener with wings. Putting a parrot in a cage for an unknown party foul gets a yelling parrot. Or possibly as stressed parrot, depending on where that cage is in relation to your location.
  • Bad bird? Parrots do not think their choices are bad. Ever. The level of arrogance and confidence found in parrots is astronomical. If they don’t like something, they leave. Hard stop. If they choose to do something, it has already been adjudicated as a supreme idea of greatness. There is no bad bird in a bird’s brain. That’s a lateral biased biped idea.
Parrot Promoting ideas that work for the parrot, and you to think you did something. Which you didn't.

Parrot Promoting ideas that work for the parrot, and you to think you did something. Which you didn't.

Parrot proofing or child proofing is a misnomer. The goal in either case is to create an environment filled with options that allow the child or the parrot to make choices that are always right. I was left in an emergency room long enough to start making balloons out of rubber gloves, find a marker, and draw faces on those rubber gloves. I was bored. My options were few, if any. I'm a creative. I terraform things. I'm part parrot.

Parrot promote your home and you've got nothing to control, but everything to enjoy with your feathered friend. 

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  • Enjoyed reading this article. You are correct. Love parrots. Love my parrot more than anything. When she says the words Right Now! she means it. She does know what that means.

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