Parrot Safe Woods for Perches and Play.

Parrot Safe Woods for Perches and Play

Parrot Safe Woods for Perches and Play

Discussing what wood is safe for parrots is discussing trees. Sounds absurd to wonder if a tree is safe for a bird, but in the companion parrot context, some woods (trees) aren't safe. Tannins, oils, sap, seed, or flowers come into play; pun intended. A caged bird, or companion parrot, uses woods differently than a free bird. Wild parrots live in environments suited for them, naturally. Wild parrots, when bored, move on. They've got all the space to reject all the things. A companion parrot in a cage has limited choices which puts them in a bind for things to do. While a wild parrot may have done some chewing on a branch, their caged cousin is bored and will turn that branch into toothpicks.

We give companion parrots many materials not native, natural, or occurring to their wild cousins. Parrot folk shop with maximum effort. So, a list of safe woods is helpful for the humans spending the money to keep their parrot busy, happy, and healthy. Let's stick with what is safe. Let's keep parrot lists simple.

Parrot Safe Woods for Perches and Play. There are dozens of hardwoods and softwoods available for our parrots to enjoy.

Safe trees for parrots (listed in alphabetical order)

Almond | Apple | Ash | Aspen | Bamboo | Beech | Birch | Bottle Brush | Citrus | Cottonwood | Crabapple | Dogwood | Dragon Wood | Elm | Fig Species | Fir | Fruitless Mulberry | Grape Vines | Hackberry | Hawthorn | Hazelnut | Hickory| Magnolia | Manzanita | Maple | Mimosa | Mulberry | Palm | Papaya | Pear | Pecan | Pepper Wood | Pine | Poplar | Spruce | Sycamore | Willow

The Association of Avian Veterinarians List for safe wood perches (listed in alphabetical order)

Ash | Balsa | | Birch | Dragon wood | Elm | Java | Manzanita | Maple | Poplar | Ribbon wood

You may think I left safe trees off the list. Yes, I did. The trees listed here have no path to mistakes. Oaks are safe, but only the wood, not the bark, leaves, acorns, or green branches. I'm leaving trees with caveats out of the conversation, because there are so many options without caveats. Why muck up the list with unnecessary variables? Our parrots are all we need for a fun filled day of trying to keep up with variables.

Keep your parrot lifestyle simple. Your parrot will find plenty of ways to keep you busy sweeping, wiping, washing, draining, replacing, filling, or dusting. I guarantee it. This safe wood for perches and play list keeps it the simplest.

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  • @Karin Ey
    Everything about them is not universally safe. You might want to investigate your statement further.
    Eucaluptus is toxic to baby koalas prior to…
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    Kathy Heaton on

  • Karin, google “is eucalyptus becoming rare?” You’ll learn a number of reasons why they aren’t mentioned.

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  • Bit disappointed that Eucalypts are not mentioned. Everything about them is safe, wood. bark. leaves flowers and nuts.

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