African Grey Parrot grinning.

Parrots are a Lifestyle Choice

Parrots are a Lifestyle Choice

See the Birdie?

Sharing your life with a parrot is no different than sharing your life with someone you love. This is a companion relationship in the making. There is no such thing as a pet parrot. There are only companion parrots. You'll need to see your bird for who she or he is, personality wise, not just breed and species.

I'll let Felix explain. Being an African Grey. 

Felix never leaves his cage or tree stand area without Taxi Service. He rarely gets on the floor, or takes flight. Felix's personality is one of a bird that does not enjoy flying. He's found better ways, and prefers sticking with them.

Until he changes his opinion.

Parrots change opinions just like humans.

I'm busy practicing my speech for the Long Island Parrot Festival, and realize after the end of the second run-through and two hours of not paying attention, that Felix is missing. I call out, "Felix!"

He calls back, "See the birdie?"

We have hardwood floors and open concept ,and very few things hanging off the walls. I paint murals because parrots can't pull down a mural. Our house echoes like a cavern in Kentucky.

I call out again, "FELIX!"

"See the birdie?" His voice bounces and mocks me with angles of lies. I think he's over there by the couch. Nope. "Felix!!"

"See the birdie?" Under the table? Nope. Behind his tree stand? Nope. Under a guinea pig condo? Behind his RV? Uh, no.

"Felix. Come on man!"

"See the birdie?" The sound moved! I think. No, I think he really traveled again. Snickers is in his cage calling. I think he's trying to tell me where Felix is located. That or he just hates the lawn crew behind the house.

"FELIX!" I go into the dining room. It's possible.

Or not. "FELIX!!"

"Kirby!! Goodboy. Kirbykirby!" Wrong Bird. He's in the sink anyway trying to get the last of the peanut butter off a knife.

"Fee! Dude! Where are you?"

"See the Birdie?"

Seriously. I can't find this bird! I walk back into the bird room and watch the lawn guy mow the field behind our house. It's a flood plain so it obviously recovered from the storm. I get lost in that thought for a minute. Snickers is still not impressed with the mower and Butters is still on my shoulder as she has been through this whole game of Hide-n-Seek. She pulls my hair twistie and my thinking back to finding Felix. WHERE is my bird!!???


He's at my feet. Looking up at me with pity. I think a fartsound means "TAG! You're it."

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