Slipcovers for Sofas with Loose Cushions and Upholstered Recliners to protect the furniture your dog stole from you.

Slipcovers for Sofas with Loose Cushions and Upholstered Recliners

Slipcovers for Sofas with Loose Cushions and Upholstered Recliners

The way to save money, time, and your sanity from fur, drool, and that thing the cat dragged in.

Not all slipcovers are created equal. Most don’t fit. Most finish a wash cycle looking like a paper towel hosed down by the fire department. Others are so poorly stitched; your dog takes one good dig and spin to nap, and it falls apart. Quilted slipcovers save your furniture and your time. Water resistant and paneled slipcovers are the holy grail of furniture chainmail armor. Especially if you’ve got a kitty that leaves you hair balls as love tokens, or a dog that has no clue his drool is a problem. If you’ve got parrots, you know blanket worms are a problem. Quilted slipcovers have no strings, tassels, or weaved yarns that threaten your parrot. If you are living with companion animals that are all animal, you need quilted panel system slipcovers. Did I mention the kitty that brings home entrails as a Valentine’s gift?

Furniture protection ideas start with removing and reassembling the slipcover.

Like dog beds and their covers, either you enter the WWE ring for fifteen minutes to get them off, or they slip on and off. If you’ve got to wrestle, it’s a hassle. If the slipcover is a hassle, it’s not doing the job.

Upholstered recliners come in all shapes, colors, fabrics, and sizes. Puffy, stuffed, creviced, tucked, and built to collect all the debris. You’ll be wrestling furniture trying to clean all those crevices. Our upholstered recliner served thirteen years on the front lines. Nine parrots and two dogs tried its patience, and its fortitude. We didn’t use slipcovers. The chair weighed 45-pounds when we brought it home. It came in at just under 137-pounds when we replaced it. Parrot pellets, dog food, fur, feathers, fluff, dead toys, wood chips, pistachio shells, a thing I don’t want to talk about, and one hair brush.

Slipcovers are on the frontline of your furniture lifestyle.

Angus Lee, Catahoula hound, a three cushioned couch draper. We need to get that slipcover back on that leather couch.
  • Exposed crevices. Eliminate, or reduce these at all costs. If your slip covers wrap around each cushion, you’re doing it wrong.
  • Fabrics that can’t handle claws and washes. Quilted water-resistant slipcover is your goal.
  • Dogs snorfle slipcovers, dig and spin, drag themselves and kick. Before they decide if they’re going to take a nap.
  • Cats wait for you to leave the room. Then they claw your …apologies, I mean their furniture. Cats calculate. Everything.
  • Rabbits shed. Rabbits shed in a way that no other creature does. Bunny breeders call the shedding “a blow”. Your house bunny doesn’t work at claiming the house. She lets her fur do the job.
  • Parrots laugh at any attempt to fence in their parrot nature. They’ll use a couch or recliner in much the same way a dog or cat will, if you give them a chance. The difference being parrots come with industrial fabric scissors on their face.

7 Slipcovers you want on your furniture for protection, looks, and durability.

Quilted Function and Form Chainmail Armor:

Waterproof Nonslip Quilted Furniture Slipcover

Easy-Going Reversible Sofa Slipcover Furniture Protector for Pets

Reversible 100% Waterproof Quilted Recliner Chair Cover

Non-Slip Water Resistant Reversible Split Recliner Couch slipover

PureFit Reversible Water-Resistant Quilted Sofa Slipcover

Form over Function (Lovely, but don't say I didn't warn you.):

Universal Chenille Couch and Recliner Slipcover

Reversible Couch and Recliner Slipcover Furniture Protector with Tassels

Your couch isn't your couch. It was your couch, but then you brought the dog, cat, rabbit, parrot, puppy, kitten, guinea pig home. The first line of defense for pet resistance in not looking into their adorable faces with those big needy eyes looking back at your face.

But since neither one of us did that, your next step is pet resistant furniture slipcovers. Quilted, waterproof, washable no wrestling needed, front line furniture protectors.

If you have a couch that is the center of your living and lifestyle, and you have pets, you need quilted, washable, water-proof slipcovers. Because you won't be sitting on the couch much.
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