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Success with Companions Does Not Happen Alone

Success with Companions Does Not Happen Alone

Companion Animals are a Relationship Choice

​The more successful you are creating trust and joy with your companions, the less you will be able to eat, sleep, clean, drink, walk, sit, lay, crawl, hide, talk, shower, pee, computer, phone, laundry, dishes, or think alone.

The Best Relationships Start with WE.

Science has caught up with reality as far as mammals are concerned. Our companion animals are driven to be with us. Every species has their value requirements. Choose a cat, you are choosing a lifestyle. Choose a dog, you are choosing a lifestyle. Choose a parrot and you are choosing a lifestyle that can't be understood outside of the lifestyle. It stands alone. 

Here's four ways to create we in your companion animal lifestyle.

  1. Share a snack. This doesn't mean you're eating the same thing. This means your snacking together. A guinea pig will appreciate the company just as much as a parrot.  A horse looks forward to a carrot offered across a fence. I know. Mr. Peacock would wait for me.
  2. Share a space. Location means the world. Have you placed a cage outside of your preferred living space, or inside it? Your companion knows whether they are included or not. They feel that energy.
  3. Share a voice. Have a conversation while you clean their bedding, or bed, or cage, or condo. A real conversation. They may not understand language, but a hamster knows when he's being addressed formally. A donkey knows if you've stopped to set a spell. A cat enjoys watching you work for their attention.
  4. Share a project. Redecorate their digs routinely. Freshen toys, change snacks, move things around, add a new option. Tell them what you're doing. Tell them what it is, let them help. A house rabbit is helpful. Set up an enticing litter box of bedding, hay, and timothy sticks. He will appreciate the opportunity to modify it all with swift kicks, spinning punches and growls of play. 

Relationships, no matter the species, require time investment. They require empathy and understanding. The best relationships start with the we and build out from that center of time invested. 

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