Butters, our blue and gold macaw, first learning about her new macaw cage, its toys, covers, bowls, and night cover. She was a very excited happy baby parrot.

Should I Cover My Bird's Cage at Night?

Covering your parrot's roost cage at night is not a mandate. It's an option. And there are variations to doing it. Why cover your parrot's cage at night? How do you cover a bird at night? Won't a cage cover make my bird hormonal? Here's all the answers to parrot cage cover questions you may have for your bird.

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Building Trust with your Parrot. Share a meal with your cockatoo eating a green bean.

Building Trust with your Parrot

Trust requires invested time and attention. You can build trust with sharing a meal, a game, or a song with your parrot. Trust is a byproduct of time spent. All great relationships start with spending time with the one you love.

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