A blue nose pitbull puppy sleeping on the floor, and his bed, while his head is on a pile of towels.

The Best Dog Bath Shampoo for Comfort and Healing

The Best Dog Bath Shampoo for Comfort and Healing

I judge all baths against the Chigger Incident of '79. The incident took place on the bank of the Ottawa River at approximately 8pm on a Friday evening. On a grassy knoll at the foot of a retirement condo my grandparents lived in, second floor from the top. I was making out with a boy who would become a dentist. We were both dumb. Grass in the summer at dusk. We were both really dumb.

"Where have you been? Mom's freaking out! I had to lie!" Lisa. My cousin. Whispering frantically while holding my arm as if her grip would get more information than her asking. 

"Where is she?" I asked working my arm out of Lisa's vice grip. Lisa's bedroom was located right off the front door on the right. Five feet and we slipped inside to compare notes.

"She's in the kitchen. Ohmygod, what is going on with your face?" Her face screwed up and her eyes opened aghast.

"I don't know but I am so itchy! I can't take it!" I was scratching and trying not to scratch at the same time.

"We gotta tell mom. I don't know what to do with this." She lit out of the room, and I went to the bathroom to wash my face because making out is gross. The mirror reflected my doom. I graduated into a full-blown zombie level Chigger bites victim. Chigger Mites. Little skin infesting bastards that can torment a human to a mental breakdown. You get them from rolling in the grass making out with a future dentist who is as dumb as you.

My Aunt didn't want to know anything about what her niece had done to achieve this level of infestation. Because not knowing meant reporting to Lynn, my mom, would take less time.

The Jack and Jill bathroom was located between her parent's master and her brother's bedroom. I had two choices here. Walk through his room, little brothers really do not like girls walking through their rooms or walking through my aunt and uncle's bedroom. I chose the latter. Lisa slid open the bathroom's sliding pocket door and produced baking soda. I ran a full tub of tepid water and dumped the whole box in there and soaked. That bath felt so good. And I felt so weird in there. So incorrect. But the bath. The bath was phenomenal. I went back to Lisa's room and there we used a whole bottle of clear nail polish and painted every bite mound to smother the little mite to death. It took weeks for the healing. The embarrassment took a few years.

What's this got to do with dog baths? Everything your dog hopes for in a bath. I give you Dante. Captain Allergies. He's allergic to grass. He needs a weekly bath. I've gone through the gambit of products that promise less itching and soothing affects. I've gone holistic, natural, pharma, and back. I say all this because his infestation is hives. Hives that mound, dry, and flake off with all the fur that's involved. He can look like Swiss cheese if we don't stay on it.

His baths have always been a struggle. I realize now, after finding THE shampoo and leave in conditioner that I will forever keep in our house for him, that he was in discomfort from all the other attempts. They hurt, or itched, or stung, or made his skin hot. He feared one product's bottle to the point where I couldn't use it twice. He saw it and jumped out of the tub. The baths did not feel good. They did not offer comfort. They did not ease his itch. I think on the Chigger Incident of '78 and respect that massive desire to just make it stop for one minute! Please!

DAVIS has been a game changer for Dante. He falls asleep in the tub during baths now. He's still not a fan of having a nap interrupted for a bath and pouts all the way up the stairs to the bathroom. He doesn't hesitate to jump in though. He now hesitates to get out. He'll paw me to keep scrubbing him with a bubble filled washcloth. His hives heal overnight after a bath. His skin and fur are beautiful and soft. He's happier and healthier because of this shampoo. I use a quarter cup as bubble bath and fill the tub. I use a washcloth to apply a tablespoon of shampoo strategically sudsy. I rinse with the water in the tub, with the washcloth. I towel dry him. Apply the leave in conditioner in the spots that fire up soonest (his neck and behind his ears). Towel off the excess.

I wrote about his yeast and ear infections that were part of our health journey here. This shampoo/conditioner has closed the chapter of a blue nose staffy bull terrier and his itchy, allergic, yeasty self. 

The only thing I don't know is the end of the Chigger Incident of '78. Did the future dentist suffer his own version? I never asked. He never said. Closure doesn't always need full disclosure.
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