A 3 year old male black and white catahoula hound laying stretched out on the back of a red couch.

The Best Dog Halter for Any Sized Dog

The Best Dog Halter for Any Sized Dog


Angus' new dog halter has Velcro signage that proclaims his status. Both sides. You know he's a best friend coming and going. The vest halter came with other signage for working dogs in training as well as working dogs on the job. Best Friend was an inclusive move. This halter is such a friend to both dog and human, we bought another one for Dante, our blue nose pittie.

Angus bounces in a trot like walk the first half mile, which is a Catahoula hound thing. His nose hasn't turned on. His eyes and ears are still primary. He's a tall, bouncy, pony. He stops traffic and fellow pedestrians with his eyes. All pause their day to pay homage to a most delightful dog. He's hilarious sopping up the attention. He's also aware now, that if you aren't paying attention when he walks by, it's up to him to let you know you are wrong. He barks across the street to pedestrians too far away. Not according to his calculations, just weak human measurements. He barks. He bounces a higher.

Did you see my BEST FRIEND sign?

"HEY! YOU! It's ME!" We stop. He stands. He smiles with the Staffordshire portion of his DNA. Miraculously the human, four lanes over to include turning lanes, realizes his mistake of missing Angus. The old man waves. Angus barks. We resume.

Angus went for a ride to the bank yesterday. His new halter proudly worn. It works excellently with the seatbelt. His weight trips the seatbelt tone reminding the seventy pounds of weight to belt up and sit. It finally runs its warning time out. The cabin's air conditioning on full blast, fans on full blast, and interior cabin filter on. Like being on the airport tarmac before takeoff while the cabin is being pressurized. Angus pants and drools. Rides are the best! He gazes into my eyes. "RIDES ARE THE BEST!" Staffordshire grinned DNA.

On the highway we wait at the last light out of town, a brave soul decides to cross four lanes of interstate traffic in front of us while we are all pinned on red. Angus barks. "HEY! YOU! It's ME!" This man is trying to stay alive while doing something foolish. He has no time for dogs.

Angus looks to me to understand why he wasn't admired by this man. "Sorry, bub, he's got places to be." I shrug. Humans miss opportunities like this all the time. Angus finds it unbelievable. A green light takes us forward in the que. Angus barks in the direction of the now missing fool. 

He's never been to a drive through bank teller before. The whole experience is exciting and confusing. He looks up through the windshield. Are we in a thing? He looks out windows. So many cars. No people. Where are the people to bark at? He jumps in the backseat to look out the back window. No one to bark at out there. He jumps back into the front seat again, setting off the seatbelt alarm. It ends as I lean out my window to grab the contraption that will be sucked through a tube and delivered into the bank where a teller stands with a smile, waiting. Angus realizes there is a human!

He explodes with excitement, climbs on top of me while I push the SEND button to blow out my contraption now filled. I'm stuck. He's using me as a cushion and barking at this human in a fishbowl. His tail beats me and the steering wheel mercilessly. "HEY! HEY! YOU! YOU IN THE FISHBOWL! It's ME!" I'm BEST FRIEND!

The teller does the unthinkable. She speaks. But her voice comes out of the box in front of the truck. Not her mouth. Angus shuts up and hunts the entire truck looking for the voice. It came from somewhere! He's in the backseat, looking under the front seat. Where are you voice? She blows my contraption back to me, I grab it. Angus hops back to the front seat setting off the seatbelt alarm while I open my contraption to find a large dog treat. Bone shaped. It's not a voice but it will do. He grabs it and my envelope in the same bite. I hear the voice laughing. Angus hears the voice laughing. He launches to the backseat again. I wave. The teller waves. Angus jumps back in the front seat, envelope damp on the backseat floor, treat hanging like a cigar from this mouth. The seatbelt alarm begins to an end. He looks at me, eyes lit, "RIDES ARE THE BEST! I'm BEST FRIEND!"

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