A sun conure parrot being chosen for a companion parrot life.

The Correct Approach to Choosing a Parrot

The Correct Approach to Choosing a Parrot

"What kind of bird do you think I should get?" Is the wrong question.

"I want a bird that doesn't bite, will learn to talk, do tricks, and go places." A grocery list is the wrong way to approach your search. And that "doesn't bite" line item; It's impossible.

The correct approach to choosing a parrot starts with you.

  • Know thyself.
  • Know thyself as you are right now. As your home and family is RIGHT NOW. Do not romanticize what "it would be like". Because it never is. It will be what it is and what you are right now, but with a parrot. Be honest with yourself. If you are always rushed for time, if you are a type A personality prone to control issues and always striving. If you see life as a field to do career on; Get a houseplant.
  • You are who you are and getting a parrot won't change that. Be honest with yourself. We are all different and have our own ways and it's not a judgment call I am making here. It's a request to realize a parrot does not do well under certain situations with certain personality types.
  • Consider what you already have in place as far as immovable objects of habits and routines. If you are a hostess who loves having parties and friends over all the time, consider that you surely won't stop that once a parrot is part of the equation. And parrots don't do dinner parties.
  • If you are a workaholic and given to long hours at the office and a few more into the night. Consider that carefully. You are not choosing a pet. You are choosing a lifestyle. Things will change well or not so well, depending on how honest you are with yourself.

Know parrots for who they are.

    • Parrots are not disposable; they do not transition well when flock rejection occurs. In the wild flock rejection is tantamount to death and loss.
    • A parrot can change, modify, accept and grow into most anything you change, modify, accept and grow into with them. You choose a parrot that fits who you and your life are now, and changes are no longer a problem. He's part of the family flock. When a parrot feels safe, secure and part of the group, group changes are a simple thing.
    • If you get a parrot with a romantic idea of changing to meet that bird's requirements because you "just want" a cockatoo (for sake of example), I promise you the odds are VERY low, lottery type low, that you can change everything that needs to change to meet the needs of an inappropriate parrot lifestyle choice. Parrots are not pets. They are companion animals requiring the same level of long-term commitment as a child.

    And when you are ready with full knowledge of yourself, to find that flying friend. Adopt. There are wonderful rescue parrots in need of homes, ready to meet you.

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