Two macaw parrots playing on top of a cage with tree branches.

The First Hello with Your Parrot

The First Hello with Your Parrot

Let’s talk about your Genesis story. Not in the biblical sense, but in choosing or being chosen by a companion parrot. Every flock has a first hello story for every member. A moment in time where you first met the feather love of our life. Maybe they chose us, maybe we chose them, but no matter that moment of Genesis, the only thing that matters, happens next. The moment after Genesis.

There’s one genesis story I’d like to remove from all companion parrot conversation. The one about how a baby parrot bonds easier to their human than a rescued or older parrot. That hand-feeding a baby or bringing home a baby just finished handfeeding will somehow guarantee a full relationship with a companion parrot. This idea guarantees nothing. This is an outright lie. This idea sets up the parrot and the human for disappointment. This is unreasonable expectation. Because once a bird fledges into flight and self-feeding, they become a new version of themselves. Autonomous. And you will need to start a NEW genesis.

What we want from our companion is a relationship. This isn’t about buying a pet to keep. This is about a lifestyle choice involving an exotic creature that can fully interact, love, and share that lifestyle. A parrot wants a relationship. They need a relationship. They are that smart and it is mandatory to look into this lifestyle with these ideas.

It’s not a matter of how, why, or when you found each other. For a companion parrot it is what comes next. Your genesis story is only a beginning chapter. There’s a whole story yet to be written from that moment forward. This is where it matters. What comes next is where the relationship lifestyle begins.

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