The Power of Routine for Your Success and Your Parrot Lifestyle. Time and our scheduling the best of it yields routines that make our life easier and our success ensured.

The Power of Routine for Your Success and Your Parrot Lifestyle

The Power of Routine for Your Success and Your Parrot Lifestyle

Routines are more than just scheduling bullet points. For parrots, routine is a powerful tool that funnels focus, interest, expectations, and attention to the actions you hope to promote and grow inside your parrot lifestyle.

Routines create reasonable expectations and understandings without saying a word. Consistent life routine eliminates the need for classic “behavior modification” training. Ironically, that same sentiment applies to us. Consistent life routines change our fear into action, sloth into forward motion, dreams into goals into successes.

Routines have created a waiting group of ducks, ibis, crow, starlings, gull, and boat tail blackbirds queuing for parrot leftovers three times a day at our back fence. Seven years of routine have created multigenerational instincts to show up at my chow line affectionately named (and designed logo, because I can) LaFollett B&B Rest Stop. Routines are powerful for all living creatures.

The Power of Routine for Your Success and Your Parrot Lifestyle. aFollet B&B Rest Stop logo. It's just our backyard obsession of feeding local ducks, but obsessions should have a logo, don't you think?


Routine yields balance. Balance builds communication. Communication creates consistent, peaceful routines that proclaim the same truths. Love and success. When you take the time to create routines that deliver clear road signs of time and expectations, reasonable expectations become normal. You won’t be led to unreasonable ideas. Which allows our companions to succeed at their best selves. Which allows us to succeed at our best selves. Which creates more routines which is more balance which is more communication. Which then becomes routine.

Setting a good routine starts by identifying two sides of the equation: the need and the action. Understanding why you want a routine begins the process. I need to spend no less than six hours a day writing. The birds and I have built a very clear identifiable routine I do not deviate from Monday through Friday. Every step tells every parrot my expectation and their choices inside the variations. By creating a routine that sets up time to work consistently and peacefully, I’m telling myself the expectations of my chosen career to be successful.

The need and action routine build. (AKA If/Then)

  • I need to write from 8 am through to 1 pm. Actions: I write standing at my desktop in the main office so all parrots can see me. Their actions: They choose where they prefer to be to snack and keep an eye on me. And wait for 1:01 when they remind me they are more important, by flying over my head while yelling about how important they are, comparatively speaking.
  • I need to write from 2 pm to 4 pm. Actions: I write upstairs in my studio. I take Felix with me so he can keep an eye on me. Their actions: Butters, Snickers, and the Horde remain downstairs. It’s naptime. What do they care? Felix naps on the top of the studio door, also not caring about what I’m doing. His concern is only that he is not downstairs. He’s got issues.
  • Over the last ten years, these routines have changed slightly for seasonal changes, and remote working changes since COVID. Those slight modifications don’t disrupt the key requirements of decade old routines. Consistent routines allow modification as needed without disrupting the intent of the main original routine. Schedules and routines make us more flexible.
  • The routine allows choices for all within routine expectations. I can use my technology without issue during this time. I can think, type, move, walk away from my desk to get more coffee and find all companions are exactly where I left them. Because the routine supported their expectations.

A routine is a two-way street. Companions bring their expectations into the routine as well. They have a right to expect us to live up to theirs. Many times, humans have the idea that behavior modification is strictly the companion’s responsibility. That cannot be further from the truth.

Balance requires both sides to meet in the middle of each other’s expectations.

The magic superpower of routines is they are adjustable gears that fine-tune our lifestyle for even more success. Do yourself, your family, your companion animals, and your dreams a favor. Define your needs to create the actions that become routine.

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