A yellow parakeet taking a bath in his light green bathtub that is setup in front of his opened cage door.

The Queries of Wizards and other Beings

The Queries of Wizards and other Beings

Owning a pet lifestyle website requires owning the search engine optimization job that comes with it. I am the Grand Wizard of inquiring wizards from afar. I see all your queries in all their forms; Navigational, transactional, informational. In my wizardy world, I see all. 

Questions you other wizards are asking out there are revealing. 

  • Can I use a dog leash on my snake?
  • Do cats read minds?
  • Can giraffes chew their toenails?
  • Will pop rocks hurt my cat if I put them in the litter box?
  • Can I give my dog a bath with my bath salts?
  • Do turtles like to climb ladders?
  • Do ducks get headaches after drinking Pepsi?
  • Can my parakeet bathe in food colored water?

Informational queries are an open door to the creative side of wizards. We’re all seeking to see what we can get away with successfully. Human nature demands to know where the backdoor is in all the boundaries that keep popping up.

Can dogs eat cat food if it’s chicken flavored?

Look here, I’m a wizard, not a magician. Read the label. Consider your goals. Do you want your dog meowing, hacking hair balls, and clawing on furniture at two in the morning?

Can my parakeet bathe in food colored water?

Wizard. Why are you coloring water for a parrot to bathe in? Are your goals to change the color of your colorful bird? Does your municipality only provide food colored water? Do you have extra food coloring and are currently bored? Does your parakeet even trust you at this point?

Informational queries; How, why, when, can, should, could, will. Past tense queries mean you already bathed your parakeet in purple food colored water. Future tense means you’ve got that bowl of purple food colored water ready and waiting and are having second thoughts. This wizard divines your intentions and concerns.

Google informed me your query yielded my article, Let Your Bird Take a Water Bowl Bath already! Which could not answer your question. When I wrote that one, I didn’t foresee someone wanting to bathe their parrot in food colored water like an Easter egg. But then, there are poodles out there soaked in OSHA orange food colors right now. I should have seen this coming.

Can your parakeet bathe in food colored water? Yes, if you have a bowl of food colored water available and you promote the idea, and the water is fresh enough, and the temperature correct, and the bowl the type your bird prefers, and your parrot doesn’t think you’re sketchy as hell, again.

Should your parakeet bathe in food colored water? No. Neither should your parakeet roll around in wet corn flakes. The point being clean feathers free of any type of gimmick are paramount to your parakeet’s health. If you are thinking your bird needs a Disney level water experience, consider adding fresh herbs into the water for play and foraging.

If you are still toying with this idea of food colored water a week later because you already bought the food coloring, soak in a purple food colored water filled bathtub. Let me know how that works out for you.

Join me, fellow wizards, for my next article featuring my new infographic; How to Put a Dog Leash on Your Snake.

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  • lmao if anyone even thinks of colored water for their birds bath-then like you said-tet them take a bath in colored water-lol

    dorothy long-leinenbach on

  • OMG

    Lorna Desmarais on

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