A gaggle of white domestic geese and their goslings.

This Tech will Improve your Indoor Air Quality

This Tech will Improve your Indoor Air Quality

Dust is its own camouflage.

I'm cocking my head to get an eyeful of surfaces in the house. You can't see dust if you look directly at and down to things. You have to step back, bend your knees a little, cock your head opposite your dominate side, squint, tip your head back and then shuffle a bit to find the light's angle to expose the dusty layer. It sounds like work, but dusting is more work. We're in a control group study at this point.

This weekend was dust-a-rama. I dusted our house with extreme prejudice. Preparing the for test results. Now we live and wait to observe results. Are these iWaves installed three days ago working like we think they are working? We were excited about the possibilities of this product in both our split-systems and our main house HVAC unit. Normally at seventy-two hours it's as if I hadn't done a thing. Futility sits on flat surfaces. She brought friends. Fruitless, Ineffective, Vanity, and Pointless. They're having cocktails on my tables. Futility raises a glass; her girlfriends join her. She toasts. "HA!"

We're on the heel of seventy-two hours after installation. We've used our systems normally. And I get the last laugh. The house smells clean. Fresh clean. Glass topped desks still look like glass rather than frosted glass. My coughing is gone. I've been coughing for years. Now it's gone in three days. Butters, our macaw, stopped sneezing. (Yes, parrots do sneeze. They also fake sneeze.) The final test was the air vent feeding my office. It grows a hint of mold. Enough to let me know it is alive. I cleaned it for the test. Futility laughed into her glass. Until I laughed back. The iWave kills mold. The dusty girls left the cocktail party. They took some of their friends, fungus, smell, bacteria, virus, and all the floating bits. All of them. All. Gone.

The difference before and after with the iWave products is night and day. Air quality with 12 companion animals of fur and feather is a fist fight. iWave delivered a knockout in the first minute of the first round. Fantastic results creating a fantastic healthy house. Click the links. Read through their information. Every claim happened in our house. 

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