Air quality in the home starts with a healthy HVAC system, oxygenating houseplants, and then a small, inexpensive but powerful partner to your mini-split and residential air conditioning unit.

This Tech will Improve your Indoor Air Quality

This Tech will Improve your Indoor Air Quality

I dust our house with extreme prejudice. I clean cages and wash animals with focus and grit. Seven parrots, two dogs, one house rabbit, and one guinea pig leave me no choice. Add Florida coastal living and its special dust. A recipe for futile swiffering. Filters fight the good fight inside a stand-alone HEPA system along with the HVAC intake ducts. They do their best, but their best isn't good enough. I expect too much from these passive technologies. Our home requires proactive solutions that deliver at the source.

Pre-COVID thinking. Just before the virus hit the fan. We weren't thinking about viruses. We were thinking of flotsam, dust, fur, dander, parrot dander, and cooking smells. We were thinking about my coughing too much. Frustrated with the dust building up within 48 hours after cleaning, we were also installing a new HVAC system and ductless mini split systems in the house. If ever was a time to go the extra mile, it was at installation. (This tech is a DIY plug and play you can install yourself if you prefer.)

We chose Nu-Calgon iWaves for our split-systems and our main house HVAC unit. With systems booted up and running again, I set to task cleaning our entire house to freshly dusted. Cages freshly cleaned. And two dogs freshened and washed. Let the games begin! All things being equal, the before and after change were the iWaves.

Normally at seventy-two hours, it's as if I hadn't done a thing. Futility sits on flat surfaces. She brought friends. Fruitless, Ineffective, Vanity, and Pointless. They're having cocktails on my tables. Futility raises a glass; her girlfriends join her. She toasts. "HA!"

On the heel of seventy-two hours after installation, we'd used our systems normally. The house smells clean. Fresh clean. The fresh you attempt to get with plug in gadgets. Clear glass topped desks still look clear rather than frosted. My coughing is gone. I've been coughing for years. Now it's gone in three days. Butters, our macaw, stopped sneezing. (Yes, parrots sneeze. They also fake sneeze.) The ultimate test was the air vent feeding my office. It grows a hint of mold. Enough to let me know it is alive. I cleaned it for the test. Futility laughed into her glass until I laughed back. The iWave kills mold. The dusty girls left the cocktail party. They took some of their friends: fungus, smell, bacteria, virus, and all the floating bits. All of them. All. Gone.

The packaging of the iWave product reads; "As the air flows past the iWave, positive and negative ions actively purify the supply air, killing mold, bacteria, and viruses in the coil and living space. The ionization process also reduces allergens, smoke and static electricity, as well as controlling odors (cooking, pet, VOCs) and other particles (no more sunbeams) in the air without creating ozone or any harmful by-products." I'll add it does all that, and a bit more. Because you've got a living environment that is healthier for your sinuses, your lungs, your pet's sinuses and lungs. That new status supports your general health. It's simple math.

The difference before and after iWave products is startling. Air quality with eleven companion animals of fur and feather was a fist fight. iWave delivered a knockout in the first minute of the first round. Fantastic results in creating a healthier house. I don't miss my cough at all.

It doesn't require filters or gadgets or maintenance to work. It's a long-term solution. We do not miss buying more filters that don't last very long because parrot dander is an endless blizzard.

If you have a petting zoo of companions, look at iWAVEs. The only thing you've got to lose is a cough. And the girls, Futility, Fruitless, Ineffective, Vanity, and Pointless.

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  • Where can I get more info on the whole house nu-Iwave? Im running two Rabbit aMinus 2 systems in a 1500sft home. I only have the one bird now. But two dogs and two cats + bird can be a bit stuffy to breath.

    Nancie Abdallah on

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