Guinea pig playing in hay and under felt shower hut.

Tips for Living with Companion Animals

Tips for Living with Companion Animals

Our Companion Friends have Something to Say

Letting them choose to express themselves without bringing expectations to their choices, reveals all their wonderful personality.

  • No matter how well I clean my ears I still so appreciate the Butters' Mobile Ear Cleaning Service. Parrots love to preen their humans. Ears, hair, shirts, and all that their human is made of. A preening parrot says, "I love you. Sit still and let me do it!"
  • When sharing a fresh vegetable and fruit bowl with an Indian Ringneck Parakeet, or any parrot, wear rain gear. Parrots are messy. A messy parrot is being the best parrot they can. Allowing your bird to be themselves with food is one of the best gifts you can give.
  • Once a guinea pig realizes they can control you with their 'Weeek Powers' there is no going back. There is no pretending it's not happening. You are carrying around your guinea pig for 20 minutes because you are now a Piggle Cruise Ship. Your reward? A rumbling guinea pig in a burrito towel. Guinea Pigs vibrate when they are happy. It's a guinea pig purr.
  • A bored macaw will outthink any human in the room. Like a supercomputer, but with feathers and intent. Unemployment leads a parrot to seek employment. Your furniture, all the remotes you own. Provide employment. They are aggressive job seekers.
  • Tropical Storm Colin released the frogs. Currently our backyard is louder than our macaws. Which is impressive. Not to the macaws, though.

Local wildlife, companion animals, fellow humans. We're each a system of choices taking place. Our systems say a lot about ourselves. I make my coffee first in the morning. Before taking care of sixteen food bowls and ten water bowls. It's imperative. No one wants to eat an uncooked baked potato.

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