Scarlet macaw and blue and gold macaw eating snacks and treats.

Unreasonable Expectations to Avoid with Parrots

Unreasonable Expectations to Avoid with Parrots

Unreasonable expectations. A habit that leads to bad outcomes, both for those expecting and those expected to deliver whatever that unreasonable expectation involves. Editing expectations on the fly is a powerful skill. I highly recommend gathering up powers of expectation editing. For companion human or parrot.

Snickerdoodles. Snickers. TwoHandsFull. His name varies between the humans in the room just as much as expectations for our glorious molting hot mess of a male scarlet macaw. Territorial impulses thrum through his brain. Shifting plates of instincts create friction. Strong territorial friction that applies to me. Seasons changing play rheostat to impulses. I expect no less than rejection, direction, and disdain from Snickers. I am reasonable for his sake.

Parrots are unreasonable by nature.

The trick with living well with a companion parrot is accepting the fact that parrots are reasonable within the context of being a parrot. They have no interest or natural drive to acquiesce the flighted being's arrogance and assumptions to a non-flyer. Snickers has no interest in allowing me to get between him and his person. His person being my husband.

I was here first. Snickers does not care. I am the wife. Snickers does not care. I feed and care for him without pause. Snickers does not care. He knows I will continue slaving, no matter. I bribe, baby talk, cajole, beg, entice, fawn, and compliment him. Snickers does not care. He deserves these things, and he owes me nothing. I am a non-flyer getting in the way of his person.
He reveals his truth when he's in his cage, locked down for various reasons. We sing to each other, with each other. He sings along with my guitar playing. We hold deep discussions about his being a super good Snickers, and his being the Snicker Doodley Doo who everyone should love. I supply hummus wrap chunks through the cage bars. He takes them with care. It's the cage's affect you know. Locked inside, his territorial powers are limited. His internal expectations end at the cage walls. He is no longer in charge of his person. He is only in charge of all that airspace inside a big macaw cage.

He sees me. He's not distracted by his controlling territorial brainwaves. Which takes us back to unreasonable expectations.

Wanting to control life is unreasonable.

Better to live it well, inside our own space, editing expectations along the journey. Better to be our best inside that space while allowing others to share our best. Control isn't what a human should seek, it is unreasonable.

Best to be like water. Strong, easy, powerful, not controlling. Impactful. What others think of me is none of my business. What Snickers thinks of me is out of my control when dad is around. I'm very reasonable, for a non-flyer.

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