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15 Go-To Products For Your Dog Life

15 Go-To Products For Your Dog Life

We've lived a dog lifestyle long enough to throw out a mortgage payment's worth of bad dog ideas, multiplied by ten. This is the short list of things that have stood the test of time, dog, human, and use. Some are for health, others convenience. Some are fun and still others, calming. These products proved their worth inside our multiple dog life, through multiple dogs. I offer them up so you can cut to your chase of what's a good dog idea, and what isn't.

Our Go-To 15 Dog Products

No Flap Ear Wrap

After two years of ear infections, and finally the solutions, Dante's ears were blistered, bleeding, and not healing. We couldn't win on this front. The cone of shame made it worse with its rubbing echo chamber results. Inappropriate. Uncomfortable. Anxiety inducing. Then I found No Flap Ear Wrap.

Dante wore his without any problems or anxiety. He slept in it. Played in it. Spent days wearing it. Went to bed in it. 

A 62-pound pitty mix wearing a No Flap Ear Wrap Size Medium Red.


This product is genius in design. Thoughtful in comfort. Excellent in material and construction. There isn't a competitor for No Flap. His ears healed in just a few days. Because they weren't flying around. They were safe and tucked into a design pocket perfectly stable. No Flap allows air flow, sounds, and complete freedom of movement. It's just that the ears no longer flap! PURE GENIUS!! Buy two, because you'll want one to wash one while the other is in use. Follow their measurements directions. It'll fit like a glove, for their head. Also, No Flap's customer support is unmatched.

Calming Ears Wrap

My sister hooked me up with this product wanting my readers to know about it. Her dog Chimi became sensitive to loud sounds. One day he was fine walking the neighborhood, the next he was full of anxiety. She gave this ear cover a try, and Chimi was happy walking the neighborhood once, again. He liked wearing it, and the neighbors loved his fashion sense. "It definitely helped with the loud noises. It slipped off a couple times during our walk. If you have a big dog, it might do that. But I just pushed it back, Chimi didn't care. It's super soft! I'm going to try it when there's fireworks."

Chimi the chocolate lab mix wearing her head wrap for sounds.

Kong Curry Comb -

The absolute BEST dog brush I have ever used. I've used all the brushes. Angus loves being brushed with this. It's rubber, contoured to fit the hand, and indestructible. Except if your dog thinks it's a toy, which Angus did, which led to me buying another one. Then I bought another one as backup. BEST brush on the market.

K9 Probiotics - Antihistamines - Skin Soother - Shampoo/Leave-In Conditioner - Gauze

As I wrote in this article. These are the rock stars of my lineup to help our itchy allergy suffering Dante and his ears. They will forever be in our home because they work, are priced fairly, and I never doubt what results will come of their use.

Himalayan Yak Cheese - Buffalo Horns - Bovine Hooves

Chews. Because I need them to stand up to heavy chewers. These produce a healthy mouth, an undisturbed stomach, and last.

Bark BoxPet Fusion

Big Dog beds. When I have to wrestle a dog bed like a swarm of greased eels just to get the cover off, it's the wrong bed. If the egg carton cushion falls apart and ages into crusty yellow chunks, it's the wrong bed. If it's made of material that smells like a gas station, it's the wrong bed. After all our wrong bed purchases, we found these two different brands. They deliver comfort, no smells, no wrestling to wash the covers, and no cheap egg carton cushion interiors. These are the beds that last, perform, and support our 62- and 71-pound dogs. Our dogs really love their beds.

Max and Neo Martindale collar/leash - Auroth Halter

Long life, quality material, comfort for our dog, and no more pulling for us. That's all any dog walker wants really.

Solid Gold dog food.

Our favorite for allergies and yeast is the Leaping Waters flavor, but any flavor in this dog food line is impeccable. Healthy digestion, good looking poop. That's all any dog lover wants really.

This is the go-to, always have in the house, list that filtered out of twenty-five years of loving our dogs.

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