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Waste Not Want Not as Explained by The Humble Carrot

Waste Not Want Not as Explained by The Humble Carrot

How do you budget for domestic chaos and a world war impact to your personal life? You don't. You can't. You'll need to be proactive rather than defensive.

Horrific war and corrupt politics damage everything in their path including national and international values, resources, and currency. The best that can be done is the best we can do. My grandma taught me that, she knew how to live inside world wars and domestic political messes. She did it well.

Let's start with the simple idea of not wasting what we have been able to get. Waste not want not. Seems an easy idea. Seems logical. But the consumer lifestyle has taught us how not to care about the details and pay attention only to the details we're sold. Everything is going to get more expensive, and harder to find at times. Waste not want not seems important. I present to you, The Humble Carrot. Whose lesson can be applied to most anything we bring home.

Chopped, shredded, stick cut, ripple cut, diced, sliced, skinned whole, baby carrots, mini carrots, cooking carrots, and raw greens to root carrot. When carrots are processed into shapes there is a goodly portion of waste. But consumerism says you want what you want and don't care how it got there as long as it's BOGO. Carrots cut into shapes waste the portion that can't deliver the shape, and all the greens. They are thrown in the garbage.

An entire carrot pulled from the ground has purpose. Wash a carrot, and the skin is no less tasty than the interior. Skin a carrot after washing and you have carrot skins to add to a smoothie. Or carrot skins for parrots which they will appreciate most heartily. Your turtle, rabbit, or guinea pig will be very impressed. Some dogs will drool approvingly if you add a few chopped further, to their lunch. Carrot tops add flavor to cooking like any other green herb. As, quite frankly, it is a green herb that comes with a vegetable at the end. Carrot top Pesto is delicious! Carrot tops make a fantastic foraging toy food for parrots. Felix and I made a video about that for FelixTV.

Processed carrots, although convenient, promote waste, and rob you of your money. A processed carrot costs more, and you get less by weight. Grocery stores are a wonderment, but gardens offer the truth about food. You can't grow shredded anything. First, there is a zucchini, then you can make shredded zucchini.

We're heading toward uncertain times not only because of our domestic mess, but now, world war. Be certain about wasting nothing. My grandma told me wasting nothing meant there is always something. And if there is always something available, you might just be able to help your neighbor. Grandma was awesome like that.
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