Group of lovebirds welcoming a new parrot into the flock.

What Happens When You Add Another Parrot

What Happens When You Add Another Parrot

When introducing a new parrot into your established parrot flock the current flock member(s) take precedence. This is the first key to unlocking a great inclusion.

The following thoughts will help your birds and your humans.

  • Do not change a thing about your established flock's world. Require the new member to work around the current rules. Transitions and balance will return faster if you approach the flock with the usual things while they understand the unusual new member.
  • Parrots do not mind change, as long as the change isn't in their primary routines.

Your new bird arrives as a blank slate. They are ready to absorb rather than influence.

Another flock change; The return home of a house member from work or travel. 

Weekends can be tricky for me. Dad is home. I am no longer necessary. I may be an interesting distraction, but I have to wait my turn and read those body languages to know if I am just that. During the week, I am loved, attached to, kissed, offered toys, offered food, greeted, flock called, and all together worshiped.

Saturday morning, I am Friday's refuse.

The bird's perspective and opinions changed with the inclusion of dad. Once a flock has adjusted to the new roll call there's no influencing through that Rubik's Cube. The color tiles are set.

Parrots should have the opportunity to change in this way. It is healthy for their mind and spirit to be allowed to make choices. They are companions. It may make some days more challenging, or leave you alone at times, but embrace this time. It is as much a gift to your birds as a new toy, a kiss, or a bowl of treats.

When you are addressing a sudden change in your bird, or a consistent change during certain times of days or weeks or even months, consider the roll call of the members in your home. Somewhere a small but important element has entered the room.

Parrots change their opinions as much as humans. Because parrots have personalities and opinions. Read about their personalities.

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