Cavy Reality business card design. Because guinea pigs need real estate too!

When a guinea pig is looking for a house to make a home.

When a guinea pig is looking for a house to make a home.

Hi, I’m Wiggles LaFollett, Gold Card Seller Real Estate Agent. I bring twenty years of real estate experience earned in the cutthroat coastal Florida markets. From Miami to Tampa Bay, I’ve cut my teeth on the hardest deals. You don’t have time to waste, and I have a cardboard box to chew.

You need a checklist when you hit the road on foot. Must-have-thats, and nice-to-have-thats. Things are going to get fast and furry! Options are going to fly like a hay slinging rave. Let your guard down and the next thing you know, you’re wrapped in a towel with a thermometer up your butt.


  • Floors. I’ve walked into some places that just had a grate.
  • Walls. Again, I’ve walked into some places that just had more grates.
  • Wall to wall flooring. You want those floors with a fresh layer of towel or fleece. Hardwood floors are for horses.
  • At least one water fountain that is easily accessible. I’ve viewed places that had a bowl sitting in a corner. That’s a sure sign you’re looking at a fast flip property.
  • Views. You’ll need to monitor your servants. If you can’t see the refrigerator, at least be able to hear it.
  • A second-floor patio. In case you need to signal your servants when they aren’t paying attention.
  • A yard area with at least three good piggle-sheds. If there’s only one shed, you’ll be looking at DIY, or expensive contractor needs in the future. You cannot have too many sheds.
  • Test the structure of the property by running around as fast as you can. Is it stable? Secure? Does it rumble? You’ll need a running rumble sound to get the attention of that servant that isn’t paying attention.
  • Consistent trash pickup. It’s the little things.
  • No HOA fees. Unless you can get voted onto the HOA board of piggles. Then it’s a nice second income.
  • At least one and a half bath.
A great home for a great guinea pig starts with huts, houses, sheds, and hides with hay. Guinea pigs love to burrow.


    • Got a roommate? Double that space requirement. Square footage and bathrooms. There is no losing.
    • Is there space for an in-ground foraging pool? Because let’s face it, foraging pools filled with treats is a luxury every piggle property owner deserves.
    • Community Amenities. Multiple well maintained drinking fountains. Ground keepers. Housekeeping. Caterers. Spa treatments. Make sure the servants running around the day you visit a property look fresh, not worn out. 

    Finally, real estate’s theme song, “Location Location Location!”

    When a guinea pig is looking for a home they are looking for location, location, location near the refrigerator.

    Your future house should be as close to a refrigerator as possible. Servants gather there often, allowing you quick access to their brains. 

    Real Estate hunting doesn’t have to be frustrating or intimidating. Know what you want. Find the refrigerator. Call me, Wiggles LaFollett, when you’re ready to find your new house! Cavy Realty! It’s not a hut! It’s your home. 

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