Why You Should Let Your Parrot Bathe in Their Water Bowl. Blue parakeet perched on the edge of her small plastic bird bath tub.

Why You Should Let Your Parrot Bathe in Their Water Bowl

Why You Should Let Your Parrot Bathe in Their Water Bowl

Birdbath designs are based on one point. A shallow dish. The shape, material, size, height, and colors work around this one mandate. Why do parrots bathe in their water bowl? It's a familiar, shallow dish. They know how deep it is because it is identical to their food bowl. Familiarity is why your bird bathes in their bowl. Water manipulation is part of a bird's mental health program. You need to let them glory in their water bowl for confidence with water.

Why You Should Let Your Parrot Bathe in Their Water Bowl - water bowl bathing builds water confidence in your parrot.

Familiarity breeds contentment for a parrot.

  • Birds play in birdbaths. They bring food, sticks, leaves, or the occasional branch to enhance their fun. Exotic birds are no different. 
  • Birds seek the shallows and private spots for play. Familiarity breeds contentment.
  • Birds seek shelter in heavy rains to protect their ability to fly in case of danger. Parrots find it off-putting to be soaked without the physical action of bathing.
  • A parrot that plays with their water dish will consider your offer for a shower. A mist. A sink bath. Allowing bowl baths while you introduce other options is mandatory.

How do you transition a water bowl bathing bird to a showering bird? While they are wet, that's how.

  • When your bird has finished a good water bowl bath, take them to the sink, shower, or tub you're hoping to be the better location.
  • Have the water running and their perching location set and ready.
  • Offer a step down to that new location. Don't offer a small splash. They know what the water is all about. They don't know what this alternative bathing action is about. They may not step down. Let them take in what's going on while on your hand. Familiarity breeds confidence.
  • Set your shower low and slow.
  • Use your misting bottle lightly. It's the hissing sound that bothers a parrot, not the mist.
  • Set your sink faucet low and slow.
  • Repeat this process at every post bowl bath.
  • Familiarity breeds confidence. Help them by helping them feel safe to choose. Let them investigate. Like a three-year-old at a wading pool, they have to stick their beak in the mist, spray, or drip to feel familiar.

Bird bowl bathing can be the bane of parrot lovers. Nobody looks for more work. Here are a few excellent options for the parrot that only wants a water bowl type bath, and a parrot lover who only wants dry floors.

Meet your bird in the middle with these birdbath setups.

Savic Lixit Giant Bird Bath - Giant Splash - XL

Parrot Bath Bathing Tub for Parakeets, Parrotlets, Canaries, Budgies

Birdcage Hanging Bathroom Bathtub for Parakeet, Cockatiel, Conure

Birds, exotic and local, bath for enjoyment as well as hygiene. They splash, and spread water over their heads, down their backs and over and through their wings in a prescribed way through instinct. Birds bathe. It's familiar right down to their DNA. It's up to us to introduce and prove our bathing ideas are good.

Snickers takes water bowl bathing to the next level by using ALL the water bowls. He's so happy, I just wipe the floors after he's done. We met in his middle. Epic Macaw Water Bowl Bathing!

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  • You “ain’t seen nothing “ till you see a Greenwing macaw bathing in a 3” water dish on her perch! LOL

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