Greenwing macaw fluffing his head feathers excitedly singing happy birthday.

Your Longevity Story

Your Longevity Story

Birthdays. Nothing startling, just another number in a row of numbers of which we do not know the last value. Not knowing what our last number is reminds us to respect and appreciate every day. Every day is a good day. The only regret will be the numbers wasted along the way.

There's a number that sits in my head and heart. It's the number of years my parrots will survive without me to care for them. I don't worry about our human children. They have grown independent, viable, strong and into adults fully capable of functioning without me. Our parrots, on the other hand, will never grow independent of their need of me, us, and a flock. I know that number is around 25 years from now. And it's that longevity story that drives the work I do, the days I spend and the care and attention I give to every day. I won't use negative words, and I won't bandy them about either. I have today to do great things. I can't let anything less than great into the day.

I have 25 years to get things straightened out in the companion parrot world. That's how I see it. Because no matter how much planning, financing and legal paperwork I put into the long-term care of our flock after I am gone, things can still go wrong for them. Chaos Theory and Probability say it is so. I have 25 years to make things better for and around companion parrot care and understanding so when I leave this earth there will be improvement for them after I'm gone. Their longevity story requires not only my efforts and concern today, but my efforts and concerns about tomorrow. 

Most likely your parrot will outlive your longevity. It's the longevity story we all have in our flocks. The math will be different, but the results are the same. We will leave behind a world without us. Why wouldn't we want to insure better understanding, better rhetoric, better mandates, better practices, better rescue, better sanctuary, better laws and that elusive better respect and empathy for companion parrots? 

We all have a longevity story. And in our own story runs the longevity stories of our companions, friends, and family. You can't add to the longevity. You can only change the story line, and that changes the end of your book. Maybe it's because I'm a writer that it all just makes sense. We are all writing our life stories, and with every line you write in deed, word and thought you are defining your last chapter. 

Our last chapter is their first chapter. 

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