Can You Stop a Bird from Throwing Food on the Floor? Macaws are messy parrots because macaws love throwing food out of their bowls. They also love stirring, hurling, tossing, and dumping their parrot food bowls as well.

Can You Stop a Bird from Throwing Food on the Floor?

You can't stop a parrot from being a parrot. Which is what a parrot is doing when she's throwing, stirring, hurling, and dumping food bowls. You can reduce the aftermath costs and cleaning time with fresh foods served in correct portions in no mess bowls and stations. 

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What to Do When Your Parrot Flies Away. Catalina Macaw in a tree hiding after escaping his house. Photo by Gretta Blankenship. Watercolor Rendition by Kathy LaFollett

What to Do When Your Parrot Flies Away

When a parrot escapes the confines, leaving you and your heart attack, remember, they don’t feel lost. They aren’t lost. Their first instinct will be to fly to the highest point of perch. Because there is no ceiling to stop them. You need to catch up and get ahead of a bird that just realized he got back all his superpowers. What do you do when your parrot flies out and away? First, don’t panic. Then consider these thoughts and to do list.

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How To Get Your Bird to Try New Foods. A bronze wing pionus parrot foraging pine needles for lunch

How To Get Your Bird to Try New Foods

Every bird is unique. They are kids with wings. While you’re working through the variations of temperature and texture. You can add patience to time, place, and partnership. Perspective is everything. Here's five simple ways to convince your bird to eat new healthy foods.

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Two blue indian ringneck parakeets waking up for the first day of their new life in a new home. Their cage is big. Their toys new. They have food and water bowls and are happy.

How Much Does It Cost to Keep a Parrot?

Having a parrot as a companion is not inexpensive. The costs of food and care are similar to a dog. The other costs, that no one talks about, can be off putting. We have two macaws, one African grey, four cockatiels, two dogs, one rabbit, one guinea pig, and two leopard geckos. Costs are impressive here. I've created tricks of the pet trade to save money or shift money to cover surprise costs. The cost of pets is like the stock market. Keep your eye on the goals. Don't get caught up in unnecessary new things. Necessity, not want. Risk management. Invest wisely.

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Closeup photo of the face of a young male Irish Setter who is relaxed and ready to say hello to a stranger.

How Do You Approach a Dog That Doesn't Know You

Collecting moments of hellos from other people's dogs is a fine way to spend time. For you. It may not be for them. If you really must have to no way around it, say hello to a new dog you don't know, say hello to the new human holding the leash first. Take it slow and let their dog decide how much you may worship them.

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Two lovebirds sitting on a bowl throwing all their food on the floor.

How Do I Tame My Parrot?

If you want your bird to love you, want your company, listen to you, play with you, and seek you out, you are going to have to do it first. For them. You're going to create a relationship with your bird. Relationships are work. Ask your friends how exhausted they are. Here's 5 articles about what you need and need to do for your parrot.

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A 2-year-old Blue Nose Pittie giving his owner a look of question. We dog people call it the side eye. He doubts I'm paying attention to him.

Are Pit Bulls Really More Aggressive?

Categorically, no. They are in the middle of the pack of an additional 25 other breed of dogs for aggression. Statistically, context tells us the truth. Dog bites happen when an improperly cared for dog finds himself in a stressful situation with no guidance or care to show him what he's expected to do in that moment. Context statistically proves dog bites and fatalities happen because of the owner's poor ownership. Meet my Blue Nose Pittie, Dante DuBois for instance.

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Butters, our blue and gold macaw, first learning about her new macaw cage, its toys, covers, bowls, and night cover. She was a very excited happy baby parrot.

Should I Cover My Bird's Cage at Night?

Covering your parrot's roost cage at night is not a mandate. It's an option. And there are variations to doing it. Why cover your parrot's cage at night? How do you cover a bird at night? Won't a cage cover make my bird hormonal? Here's all the answers to parrot cage cover questions you may have for your bird.

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Kathy LaFollett and her blue and gold macaw, Butters playing in their bird room and posing for a photo.

What are Good Qualities of a Parrot?

Parrots are unlike any other companion because they can fly. Their perspective of life is based on flight. Their entire brain is hardwired to operate around that ability. They've got a brain that supports that much superpower. You'll find yourself trying to keep up with what they are trying to tell you.

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