Ngoteya in Kenya on photo expedition. Photo copyright 2021 Hans Cosmos Ngoteya

Hans Cosmas Ngoteya

Hans Cosmas Ngoteya

Hans Cosmas Ngoteya, conservationist, filmmaker, and photographer. And now a National Geographic Explorer. Co-founder of the non-governmental organization, Landscape and Conservation Mentors Organization and Founder of the Tanzania Wildlife Media Association.

Hans creates building block organizations to promote, support and improve community livelihoods through sustainable environmental practices and plans. A Tanzanian citizen driven to present, educate, protect, and define his country's wildlife resources. His goal? Helping his country and its citizens coexist with wildlife with focus on sustainable environmental practices.

Hans Ngoteya in the field filmmaking. Photo copyright 2021 Hans Cosmos Ngoteya

A leader locally, an example globally. Big impacts have a first steppingstone.

Visit his website. It's a gorgeous exploration of his work and his heart. 

Hans Cosmas Ngoteya

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