Sculpture "Stein-Zeit-Mensch" by Nils-Udo. In the Rothaargebirge near Schmallenberg, Germany.

Nils-Udo - Environmental Artist

Nils-Udo - Environmental Artist

A Bavarian fine artist, Nils-Udo found success as a fine art painter. He left his studio painting for the deeper freedom of expression through environmental art in the 60s. Quoted by Morning Earth Magazine in 2010, "Moving from Paris to rural Bavaria, perceiving the endangerment of nature, its growing destruction, I lived through a profound change of awareness."

Nils_Udo, Earth Art installation.
In his home country he started with plant creations using nature's offered materials. Sculpting, building, and designing outside. Art, he created to disappear, a clear message of life itself.

In 2000 he designed the cover art of Peter Gabriel's OVO album. Omnipresent nature as a backdrop to human life. I human sized nest structure supported by tree trunks. In the nest lay the child of an employee at the studio the album, OVO, was recorded. The photograph was taken for the album, and the installation art was moved to Gabriel's garden. Gabriel's head gardener was given a task and could not solution what to do with the OVO structure. He burnt it to the ground. Udo saw his OVO piece as transient as all of nature. He was not upset by the choice. It was a fitting moment underlining his view of life, nature, and humans.

"By installing plantings or by integrating them into more complex installations, the work is literally implanted into nature. As a part of nature, the work lives and passes away in the rhythm of the seasons.” Udo 2018

Nils-Udo water immersed environmental art sculpture.
Nils-Udo lead, and is still leading, creative environmental art. His work is planted and disappearing all over the world.

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