Underground city of Derinkuyu watercolor.

Derinkuyu, Anatolia, Turkey

Derinkuyu, Anatolia, Turkey

Unearthed in central Turkey, a complex large system of underground rooms and passageways. Wells, ventilation shafts, and water sources supported eighteen stories of livable structure 200 feet down. Carved from volcanic rock, Derinkuyu could support a city's worth of people. The design and layout of rooms and pathways are fitting for long periods of comfortable living. Churches, farm animal stables, and wineries were specifically designated. A homeowner uncovered an entry way behind a wall in his house while repairing his home.

Underground cave system.
Archeologists think digging began in the 8th to 7th centuries BCE, while others say the compounds weren't built until hundreds of years later. The volcanic rock of Derinkuyu is softer than traditional stone and easier to carve. Local Citizens most likely contributed to the initial building of the city, carving out little caves and rooms for themselves.

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