Glass sculpture to hold a candle seated in snow outside on the beach of Vikten. Sculpture and photo Åsvar Tangrand.

Glasshytta Vikten, Norway

Glasshytta Vikten, Norway

Nature meets art on the shores of Norway. Glasshytta Vikten, a Glass Cabin, a tourism facility with a glass blower workshop, a glass and ceramics shop and café, and ceramicist Åse Tangrand's workshop and outlet. View and buy beautiful OAK glass and ceramic art pieces, relax with coffee and homemade cakes. And don't forget the views. Those are one of a kind, too.

Glasshytta Vikten. Photo by Åsvar Tangrand
The Arctic Ocean grinds stone into beautiful sculptures, night washes the land in shades of orange, and then inspire an artist. Åsvar Tangrand started as the first glass blower in North Norway in 1976.

Glasshytta Vikten workshop. Sculpture and photo Åsvar Tangrand.
Summer or winter, Norway's startling, sometimes harsh nature is on full display. Marked moraines from the last ice age, or stone sculptures that surround the Glass Hut, they all tell the tale of time and earth's progress through it. Stroll along the beach, walk through the village, pick wildflowers, feel, hear, smell, and see all the natural beauty.

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