Caladesi State Park, Florida. Kayak friendly park preserve you can visit. You just can't walk around.

Honeymoon Island and Caladesi State Park Bird and Sea Turtle Refuge, Florida

Honeymoon Island and Caladesi State Park Bird and Sea Turtle Refuge, Florida

There's a vortex of gorgeous perfection for a vacation spot. You'll miss it if you aren't careful. Florida is, in itself, a vortex of gorgeous vacations. If you are looking for quiet, calm, access to chaos and fun within 15 in any other direction mixed with views that only the Gulf side of Florida can offer, do not come here. I'm only writing about this to brag about my birthday day with my sister. We live in Pinellas County. She's on the north end. I'm on the south end. We meet in the middle to share sister time. Kayaking the causeway is just about the best meet we can create. Outside of eating at Three Birds in St Petersburg. But, again, do not come here. This is ours; you can't have it. I'm not good at sharing.

Dunedin Causeway is home to Sail Honeymoon. A fully outfitted for touring, fishing, and adventuring kayak rental and snack shack. Happy chill people work this shack, and you'll find inexpensive safe, new kayaks to choose from so you can put in beautiful waters just feet away. Caladesi Island State Park is a paddle ahead, across a channel that can get busy. So, take care. Or paddle right, into an alcove of hidden islands, private beaches, and shallows for wildlife and bird watching. You'll come back Zen, centered, and ridiculously happy. But please, don't actually come here. This is ours. I'm not good at sharing.

Dunedine Causeway Kayaking
Caladesi State Park Island Bird Refuge.

Caladesi Island shoreline. An easy kayak trip from Dunedin Causeway.

If you paddle out to Caladesi, you can follow the island's beaches around to the Gulf of Mexico side. You'll experience two different worlds. In one afternoon. Caladesi is a protected island. You'll find protected sea turtle nests all around, which you cannot walk nearby. You can't walk into or on the island. But you can beach, and sit and enjoy sea salt, shelling, swimming, floating, kayaking, boating, fishing, and scuba or snorkeling. It's a brilliant hidden gem. Stay away.

Honeymoon Island is a swath of Gulf front beaches, dunes, and rocky points. Protected in areas, you'll find yourself lost in a nap on a beach towel. It boasts a viewing platform restaurant and store. Grab drinks for the beach or grab a table or bar stool at the deck edge to watch the seashore birds live their best life. Don't come here, though.

Honeymoon Island, Florida
Spending a full day in full Floridian salt waters and sun you will want the most comfortable, cooling, wicking, UV/UVB protecting gear. After 20 years here I've found my go to wardrobe pieces, so I don't crisp like calamari at Frenchy's.

The wardrobe you won't need because you aren't going to come here.

Sport Shorts | Swim Top | Sunglasses | Water Shoes | Shirt | Hat

Happy Birthday day with my sister on the shore of Caladesi Island State Park Bird and Sea Turtle Refuge.

But again, don't come here. This is about me. And my birthday day with my sister and nephew.

If you feel compelled to come here though, I recommend Canoeing & Kayaking as well as Florida Bucket List. Make sure you don't miss anything.

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