Grand Canyon rim overlook at sunrise.

Mail Mules at the Bottom of a Canyon

Mail Mules at the Bottom of a Canyon

The towns of Supai and Phantom Ranch are serviced by the USPS. Mail includes all the letters and postcards a town and their residents could want to send and receive. Both Supai and Phantom Ranch are at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The USPS hired a specialized private contractor by the name of Delaney to get the job done. You'd be surprised at how difficult it is to a mail truck down into the Grand Canyon. Delaney has mules. The government struck a good deal with a Mail Mule Service in 1999. Hank Delaney takes his work seriously. So do his mules.

Grand Canyon trail and mail mules.
Supai is near Havaspui Falls.

Havaspui Falls, Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Phantom Ranch can be found beside Bright Angel Creek. Phantom Ranch has the only lodging below the canyon rim. You can get there by mule, on foot, or rafting the Colorado River. Depending on your level of excitement needs.

Grand Canyon rim overlook during a cloudy day. Photo by Ignacio Palés from Pexels.
You can get your postcards and letters stamped with a "Delivered by Mule" logo, too. Which makes for one of those delightful vacay moments. Mail one, keep one. How often are we going to be able to claim mules deliver the mail in the US?

 Supai, Grand Canyon Mail Stamp.

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