Rabbit Island, Hawaii as seen off the coast cliff of Oahu.

Rabbit Island, Hawaii

Rabbit Island, Hawaii

Manana means "to stretch out". Manana Island, an island that stretches out as a rabbit with his ears lying flat. The residents of Hawaii know the island as Manana, but the popular name is Rabbit Island. In 1884 John Cummins decided to raise rabbits on the island as a source of meat. The rabbit breeding was a success, while destroying the native ecosystem. In 1994 the rabbit population was removed to create a seabird sanctuary.

Rabbit and Kaohikaipu Islands, a State Seabird Sanctuaries.

Today Manana Island is a thriving sanctuary community of brown Noddies, Sotty Terns, Wedge-tailed Shearwaters, among other migrating birds. There is a smaller island near Rabbit Island named Kaohikaipu Island, also a State Seabird Sanctuary. Kaohikaipu and Rabbit Islands together create an impressive, healthy home for tens of thousands of shore and seabirds.

Rabbit Island can be photographed majestically from the southeastern part of Oahu. Kaupo Beach, and Makapuu Point. The Makapuu Lighthouse Trail is a two-mile round-trip hike on a paved path offering the perfect afternoon of sight-seeing and photographing Rabbit Island.

Kaohikaipu and Rabbit Islands are a healthy home for tens of thousands of shore and seabirds.
Access to Rabbit and Kaohikaipu Islands is restricted due to its sanctuary status, but their proximity to the mainland offers myriads of views to watch the birds come and go. Sunrise is a favorite time for photographing these islands. Get up early to get a front row seat to nature's beauty of wildlife and islands.

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