Star Axis, mesa area New Mexico.

Star Axis, New Mexico

Star Axis, New Mexico

Conceived by environmental artist Charles Ross, all of Star Axis’s shapes and angles are determined by earth-to-star alignments. Star Axis is an architectonic earth to star sculpture constructed with celestial geometry. Designed to create an intimate experience of how the earth's environment extends into the space of the stars. Time, light, and space brought to a human scale for a human's context.

Start Axis on it's desert mesa point in New Mexico.

Conceived in 1971, Ross spent four years searching the American southwest to find the perfect mesa to support his 1/10th mile across and 11 story observation sculpture. He broke ground in 1976. Building materials are granite and sandstone.

Star Axis interior gate observation point.
​Star Axis will have five main elements. The Star Tunnel. The Solar Pyramid. The Shadow Field. The Hour Chamber. The Equatorial Chamber. Star Axis is still under construction and closed to the general public Opening is scheduled for 2025.

Celestial evening view at Star Axis.
​Please consider supporting Star Axis through the Land Light Foundation. All donations go directly toward the construction of Star Axis.

Enlightenment is priceless.

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