Montblanc Star Legacy Orbis Terrarum watch. Photo by Iana Pugachova, from Pexels

Travel the World from Home

Travel the World from Home

Traveling has become a new challenge, not necessarily an adventure. Technology can serve as a release valve for your wandering desires, anytime, anyplace with just a few clicks. No packing required.

Google Maps Treks offers immersive wanderings all over the world. For free.

From Kennedy Space Center to Mount Fuji, you can wander, look, investigate and find the answers you're seeking. Or maybe you prefer finding more questions.

Prefer a feral wander? Jump into Street View, plug in any address and take a virtual walk-about. Jump Napal, to Paris and back to Austin without breaking a sweat or standing in line at TSA. 

Feel like creating the ultimate treasure hunt? Try My Maps. Create your own map, local or global that includes all the places you love. Share a trip. Curate a virtual experience. Build a map with friends. It's your map.

We've come a long way from paper maps that we can't refold correctly.

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