Coral Reef Fish Sing Songs

Coral Reef Fish Sing Songs

Coral Reef Fish Sing Songs

A multi-national university led study of declining and rebirthing reefs has exposed a startling fact. Fish sing. Marine Biologists heard the new sounds while studying returning coral fish schools exhibiting unusual sounds upon returning to reefs under decline.

The bigger question is are these songs and sounds helping the healing process or simply just calling in other schools of like fish back to the growing coral landscape?

Coral Reef inhabited with damsel fish. Photo by Francesco Ungaro, from Pexels2

They're trying to answer that question right now. Scientifically. Empirically, the evidence is enticing. You can read their full journal report at's  One Earth

Cat’s purr at a vibration frequency of about 25 megahertz to 150 megahertz per second, which is the same frequency doctors use in vibration therapy to treat patients with broken bones, torn muscles, and joint pains. I'm no scientist, but I'm smart enough to know we know very little about anything.

If cats can, why not fish? 

If you have an up-and-coming Marine Biologist in your family, give them something to feed that curiosity.

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