Adult giraffe portrait.

Giraffes have Permanent Compression Socks

Giraffes have Permanent Compression Socks

Giraffes are a collection of biology facts that inspire questions.
  • They are the tallest mammal on the planet.
  • The distance between their heart and feet is twice that of a human's.
  • Giraffes have small calf muscles.
  • Their toes do not move.
  • Their ankle joint is limited in movement to safely support their height and weight.
Giraffe standing next to a human comparing the heart size and location of both mammals.

    Why don't giraffes have circulation problems in their legs?

    Their leg hide is stiff and fibrous, with no elasticity. Their legs are compressed for a successful circulation system creating efficient venous return. Just like compression stockings.

    Giraffe roaming inside a zebra herd.
    Scientists and human health researchers created compression systems based on the giraffe.

    • Stockings
    • Socks
    • Two-layer and four-layer wrapping.
    • Body gloves

    All these materials and items replicate the stiff, fibrous support giraffes naturally possess. Compression applications and treatments have grown from this simple four item list into new applications with new material discoveries. Next time you see a giraffe, remember they are all geniuses with great cardio circulation.

    Pair of giraffe walking through African sanctuary plains.


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