Spring bloom of Pink Bunny Bloom Larkspur.

Pink Bunny Bloom Larkspur

Pink Bunny Bloom Larkspur

The Bunny Bloom Larkspur is a reseeding annual with a backward projecting spur and a pure white bunny head framed by pink petals. Tightly compact blossoms are arranged on spikes. Allowing your Bunny Blooms to reseed adds a little magic spontaneity to any garden as Larkspur tend to seed in the nooks and crannies nature provides.

Closeup photo of Bunny Bloom Larkspur blossoms.

Bunny Blooms are easily grown and provide gorgeous fresh and dried bouquets.

  • Bunny Blooms left to drop mature seed pods will bloom for years.
  • Transplant 10 inches apart.
  • It prefers full sun or dappled shades in well-drained soil.
  • February is the Bunny Blossoms best transplant time.
  • Larkspur need no supplemental irrigation.
Plant a Bunny Bloom. The friendliest rabbit in any flower garden.
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