The presa canario breed of dog.

The Canary Islands are Not Named for a Bird

The Canary Islands are Not Named for a Bird

The Canary Islands, a Spanish autonomous community situated in the Atlantic Ocean, is situated off the coast of Morocco. The archipelago has been known as the Island of Dogs since King Juba II of Mauretania, an ancient Kingdom in the Maghreb, named the island of Gran Canaria, Island Canaria, due to the presence large dogs on the island. Presa Canario being one of the breeds. The Spanish name Islas Canarias is derived from the Latin phrase Canariae Insulae.

Eventually, through time and vernacular assumptions, the entire archipelago became referred to as the Canary Islands. The connection between the islands and dogs is depicted on the coat of arms of the Canary Islands.

The original Canary Island Coat of Arms design.

Geographically, The Canary Islands is the southernmost autonomous community of Spain. It is the largest archipelago of Macaronesia. The archipelago is composed of seven large and numerous smaller islands. The most populous island in this archipelago is Tenerife. Gran Canaria is the second most populous, while the second biggest island by area in the archipelago is Fuerteventura.

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