Grey squirrel poised to jump from the ground onto a tree. Photo by Kumar Munna from Pexels.

There's a Squirrel Tracker Tracking Squirrels

There's a Squirrel Tracker Tracking Squirrels

Squirrels. Bane to the lawn obsessed, the garden possessed, and all who hang bird feeders in their backyard. Opportunistic, mutinous Sciuridae. They have no manners. They also have no shame. Squirrels are in the top 10 causes of power outages across the United States. They do not care. They most likely take pride in this fact during squirrel planning meetings.

Grey squirrel posting on the side of a an oak tree. Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels
In 2016 power companies tallied 3,400 outages caused by these wire pirates. 190,000 customers lost power because of their pillaging. The American Public Power Association’s eReliability Tracker system used technology against the krewe. Tracking and logging times and trends of wire pirates through the year. Four years of data collection has revealed wire pirates attack mostly in the spring and fall. I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest, duh! In the fall they're busy transporting food for the winter. In the Spring they're busy transporting food to get sex. No offense technology but nature doesn't need trackers. It needs a little respect.

Squirrel data chart showcasing collected data by the The American Public Power Association’s eReliability Tracker system.Utility providers have gone the way of lawn defenders and bird feeder fighters by attempting to install wire pirate deterrents. (Stop laughing, that's rude.) Wheels, baffles, domes, and torpedo to keep equipment safe. We laugh with you, not at you. Because the squirrels laugh at you while working around your wire pirate deterrents. I've got three wire pirate deterrents installed on my property's electric poles and wires. I watch wire pirates Cirque du Soleil those contraptions on purpose. For fun.

Yes, squirrels are one of the most treacherous electric grid threats going. And no, there's nothing to do about it. Just as there's nothing to be done about those little holes dug into your front yard turf, or tripped, tipped, cracked, dropped and emptied bird feeders.

The Squirrel Index has spoken.

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