Ramp & Lounge for Feline Scratching & Playing

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Scratching is an essential habit for them, especially for kittens. This activity helps them relieve stress and is also a form of exercise. Help your feline babies redirect their scratching habits from your furniture to a fun-filled space designated only for them. Let your cats scratch their hearts out with Meowtopia’s Cat Scratcher! Our cat scratcher serves as your pet’s scratching paradise where they can retract their claw and scratch without any judgment or consequences. The scratcher measures 16.1 x 11.02 x 3.86 inches, giving your cat plenty of room to get comfortable. This cat scratcher’s design is more stable than those pole types. It’s a fantastic choice for pet owners with active and playful cats and kittens.


  • A HEALTHIER & HAPPIER CAT - Let your feline family members unwind and sharpening their claws. This cat scratcher toy unleashes your cat's playful side for a healthier well-being.
  • A COMFORTABLE SANCTUARY - Give your furry friends their designated space for recreation. This cat scratcher ramp has a hole in the center where your smaller cats and kittens can take shelter.
  • RESCUE YOUR FURNITURE - Some cats have a habit of scratching your furniture until it's worn out. Divert their attention with a cat scratcher designed to withstand their frequent scratching.
  • FIRM & STABLE - Our cat scratcher's heavy base, prevents it from flipping while your enthusiastic cat is playing. It stays in place for uninterrupted playtime and supports the weight of your pet.
  • CATNIP INCLUDED - Sometimes, placing a cat scratcher with ball is not enough to divert your cat's attention.