Doggie Language: A Dog Lover's Guide to Understanding Your Best Friend

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A fully illustrated practical "instruction manual" for dog owners to help them understand dog behavior by means of characterful bespoke drawings. Dogs communicate with so much more than barks and tail wags   Misreading doggie body language makes life challenging for dogs and their humans. This small but mighty book is your perfect illustrated guide to seeing and understanding the subtle visual cues and interpreting the behaviors used by your beloved pup to express how they’re feeling.

The more we notice and listen to what our dogs are trying to tell us, the more we can improve our relationship with our best friends, helping them to feel safe and happy. Original illustrations help you compare similar facial expressions, body language and gestures Interpret your dog's cues and learn how your dog uses his ears, eyes, mouth, tail and posture to communicate with you. Spot the signals your dog is trying to give you to tell you they're stressed or conflicted.