Freshwater Aquarium Test Strips 6 in 1 - 64 Ct

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Wondering about your aquarium water quality? Aquarium testing ensures your fish stay healthy, vibrant, and happy. Fast & accurate Aqua Care Pro test strips have been optimized for the proper testing range for aquarium keeping. They are calibrated for freshwater, and can be used for tropical fish tanks, planted aquariums, shrimp, betta, or goldfish tanks, and ponds. Designed for easy reading Aqua Care Pro strips are wide and easy to hold. Wider reaction area results in easier & more accurate chart comparison. The colors are clear and non-bleeding. Save time and money Economical packaging with the right number of strips for your testing frequency. The strips are packed in small aliquots (or individually sealed for 18 strip packs) to maintain maximum freshness.


  • KEEP YOUR AQUARIUM OR POND HEALTHY - Monitoring your aquarium’s water quality is the most important thing for keeping tropical fish healthy and vibrant, and your tank looking beautiful.
  • QUICK & EASY TO USE - Designed by experts, this 6 in 1 freshwater aquarium test kit is fast and easier to use than liquid test kits. Aqua Care Pro strips are wider and have non-bleeding colors, making them easier to hold, dip, and read.
  • DESIGNED FOR AQUARIUMS AND PONDS - Aqua Care Pro strips test for General Hardness (GH), Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, Carbonate Hardness (KH), and Chlorine. The test results are in the proper range for aquarium and pond keeping.
  • ECONOMICAL PACKAGING - Why buy more strips than you need? This kit includes 52 + 12 strips for testing once a week (one year’s supply + 12 extra strips). Half of the strips are packaged separately to maintain freshness.
  • 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT - The test kit includes detailed instructions for testing, understanding your results, and an e-book with helpful tips written by 30+ year industry experts. You’ll also have 24/7 access to our expert US-based aquatic biologists.