Pin-Insert Dual-Lead Electrode Wires with 3.5mm Dia. Metal Plug

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HealthmateForever 2 pcs Pin-insert Dual-lead Electrode Wires with 3.5mm dia. metal plug for HealthmateForever Pain Relief Electric Impulse Massager.


  • 3.5mm Pin-Insert Dual-Leads Wire connector (Wire Size: 1.5m long) for older verison YK15AB, YK15RC, CT15AB & ZT15AB
  • The 3.5mm plug is able to be used with any of our devices excluding the HM, T12AB2 and T24AB2 body styles.
  • Wire size: 1.5m long, Plug: 3.5mm
  • Uses pin-inserted connectors
  • A Dual-leads wire allows the use of 2 pads with a single output.