About FlockCall

FlockCall is a Companion Animal Lifestyle website.

  • FlockCall takes the lighter, brighter, better side of all things companion animals, and serves them to you. Stories, ideas, products, people, places, books, and humor.
  • FlockCall curates the best products for companions. FlockCall chooses books intended to uplift, help, edify, and improve your lifestyle. FlockCall presents essays, articles, and anecdotal stories to expose the funny side of all the sides of living with companion animals.
  • FlockCall will continuously grow in content, ideas, products and solutions. Bookmark the site and join the newsletter. You will not be deluged with random spam. Your information will not be sold or shared. Opt-out anytime. Honestly, I’m too busy with a house full of parrots, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and lizards (not to mention all the wild ducks wanting breakfast) and writing books to chase you across the internet.

If you love companion animals, big and small, this is the place for you. And them!

Kathy LaFollett is the Owner and Founder of FlockCall. 

Companion Animal Advocate, author, speaker, and essayist she is dedicated to the advocacy of companion pets, wildlife, and the natural world. She's successfully published 10 books and 2 novels creating better understanding of our pets as well as all the wildlife that surrounds us each day. Twelve years in companion animal advocacy has taken her around the world and back inserting a global voice and understanding to her work and writing.

Kathy began her writing as a book reviewer at Lincoln Heights Literary Society on behalf of Top Shelf, Tokyo Pop, DC Comics, Fantagraphics, Star Trek Publishing, Atomic Basement, and Pocket Books, she enjoys telling people over drinks and fish tacos that her review for David Mack’s, Star Trek: A Time to Heal, made the book’s back cover. Now, an author, essayist, speaker, and humorist, her whimsical fiction and thoughtful non-fiction are available in print, ebook, and online at CommuterLit, Potato Soup Journal, 365Tomorrows, Wizzz, Lincoln Heights, and FlockCall.

FlockCall's Values

There are no pets. There are only Companion Animal Lifestyles.

Bringing home a new domesticated (or not; Let's face it, parrots, lizards, turtles aren't domesticated. And cats are only tolerating us.) animal into your life is a lifestyle choice. You will have to change things in your life to accommodate and meet the needs of the life you chose.


Being a better human is a result of being a better companion animal person. The concern and care you give to your companion are directly related to the concern and care you give yourself and others.

Everything we do must start from love.

Open minds and open hearts create communication and inclusion.

Sincerity is not a greeting card.

It is the core of a stress-less life. Honest sincere outlooks, inward looks, and words uplift us all. Every word I write in a book, this website, or social media is sincere.

Let’s talk about the FlockCall Shopping Cart!

Because you’ve not experienced one like ours before.

Our products are affiliate links to Amazon. As you shop, browse, and consider the store items, drop them in the FlockCall Shopping Cart. FlockCall’s shopping cart is meant to be a Wish List. A place to collect and curate your own ideas. Collect all the things you like. You’re still here.

Here’s the magic part of our cart.

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I like Amazon for

  • The support for small businesses.
  • Local-To-You businesses, as well as the big companies.
  • Buyer Reviews
  • Product Comparisons
  • Options
  • I like the fact that Amazon shipping is the best in the logistics business.
  • I like knowing whatever affiliate link I have here, delivery and guarantee promises are solid.
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FlockCall may partner with other businesses or become part of different affiliate marketing programs in the future. We'll make the additional programs clear to you on this page.

A word about the photographs and art you'll find here.

The digital watercolors are original creations by me using Photoshop CC. Photographs are provided by Pexel.com - The best free stock photos, royalty free images & videos shared by creators. I've credited the photographers in the alt tags for searchability and credit. I use Pexel because of the wide range of photographers, not just the costs. As with all things FlockCall I've chosen inclusivity for photographer talents. From all over, all colors, all beliefs and identities. I'm here to cheer on all those who share their joy. 

Typography and other layout images are created using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Express on the desktop. 

A word about our platform host.

FlockCall.com is running on the Shopify Platform. We chose Shopify because there is no competition. Shopify provides what the site owner and end user want. Thinking about a website? Think Shopify. You don't need to sell a thing. Unless you want to, which is why it's our choice. We like choices.

Building a website is hard work. No matter what you know, or what you use to do it. But the first rule of websites is: Don't reinvent wheels. Unless it’s a hamster wheel. I have ideas about those.