12 Timothy Hay Treats Collection for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs- Natural Chews

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by Sofier
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12 TIMOTHY TREATS: This set of timothy hay treats includes 4 different flavors: 3 original timothy hay cakes, 3 rose timothy hay cakes, 3 myosotis timothy hay cakes and 3 calendula timothy hay cakes.

NATURAL MATERIAL: Timothy hay treats are handmade from 100% natural material, healthy and harmless. Have NO pigment or hormone. Perfect treats and chew toys for small animals like rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, chinchilla, rat and gerbils.


  • RICH IN NUTRITION: The timothy hay cake contains high fiber, low protein and multiple vitamins, which can help small rodent animals to promote digestion and maintain intestinal health.
  • MOLAR CARES: The timothy cakes are double baked to ensure the right hardness for chewing. Perfect chews and treats for rodent animal in helping them to grind down their constantly growing teeth as well as preventing them from chewing their cage and other furniture.
  • FUN GIFT: Meet the nutritional and molar needs of small animals at the same time, giving them a better growth environment. Great value gift for your loving furry friend!