Professional Yoga Stability Ball Chair

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Exercise Stability Ball allows you to train your body with fun and innovative moves, increasing your stamina and building balance for greater body awareness. This fitness ball provides a total-body workout without putting undue stress on muscles and joints, and without the need for many different pieces of fitness equipment. We have 5 different size balls to accommodate your body height: 18inch for 4'6" to 5'; 22inch for 5' to 5'6"; 26inch for 5'6" to 6'; 30inch for 6' to 6'6"; and 34inch for those 6'6" and taller.

Challenge your body and your brain

When you add the Basics Exercise Ball to your workout routine, you're adding a new degree of difficulty to push-ups, crunches and planks. Your body is forced to seek balance and stability, mobilizing muscles that traditional exercises don't stimulate. You'll develop greater agility, lessen your risk of injuries and perform more effectively than ever before.