2-piece Aquarium Hideaway Rocks for Fish

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Cave for small and tiny fishes, like guppy, cichild, betta, and shrimps, to play, rest and breed. It is made of ceramic, smooth inside and frosted outside with pattern, safe and non-toxic for aquatic pets. It is available for both freshwater and saltwater tank. Wash it with normal temperature water and soak it into the water for about 24 hours before putting into tank. 2 pieces/pack.  Size: each piece is approximately 3.7"x2.7"x2.0"


  • A good cave for fish to breed, play and rest. Betta, shrimp, guppy, snail...will love it.
  • Create a natural and living environment for your fish tank.
  • Ceramic material with granite pattern, safe and non-toxic for fishes. No Fading, No smell.
  • No sharp or rough edges, no worry on scraping fins.
  • Suitable for small fishes, easy to clean, good for nitrifying bacteria reproduction which can help to improve water.