20 Gallon Long Aquarium Tank Divider

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It’s made from a solid material with adjustable sidebars. The clips are used on the rim of the tank for added stability. The divider does NOT work in rimless tanks unless siliconed in place. The divider works best in a tank with substrate; it may not be suitable for bare bottom tanks. It comes with a full instruction sheet and video link to help with installation. 


  • Compatible with Aqueon 20 Gallon long tanks ONLY. Tank size 30.25” x 12.5”x12.75”
  • Easy to install and maintain - No Suction Cups Required
  • Made from a closed cell PVC, it’s solid, study and nontoxic.
  • Adjustable sidebars for the perfect fit. Slide sidebars out to touch the glass. Slide sidebars up to fit securely under the rim.
  • Suitable for reptile tanks when siliconed in place.